Thank You, BeeSWeek Supporters

To date, Pollinator Support Movement has raised $1995 to help cover the costs of the $8000 BeeSWeek 2013 events.  Our fundraising continues!

We are excited to be producing an important video project from the recordings of the BeeSWeek 2013: Scientific and Community Panel Forums events.

This BeeSWeek educational DVD production is now in process, and we are grateful to those who have supported the mission of PSM to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.

We are so thankful for the contributions of our commercial sponsors: La Provence, BBBSeed, and D&A Mattress (Mattress Firm, Albuquerque).

We are so thankful for the PSM Membership purchases and financial contributions from our Online Community members.

If you have a moment to support our vision and the vital BeeSWeek educational DVD project, offer your support to help PSM by visiting the PSM Memberships page at Crown Bees’ website.
❤ Bees and Community. ❤

BeeSWeek 2013 Supporters

  1. Art Jacobson
  2. Cari Gardner
  3. Colin Keizer
  4. Cynthia Andre
  5. Denise Shreeve
  6. James Collins
  7. Jennifer Ose-MacDonald
  8. Jim Houston
  9. Lana Starr
  10. Marcia Walker
  11. Mary Desmarteau
  12. Michael Farndale
  13. Michael Tullius
  14. Michael Wade
  15. Mike Shaw
  16. P. Palmer
  17. Paul Beckman
  18. Pat Lund
  19. Rebecca Toone
  20. Renee Czubowicz
  21. Sally Kayser
  22. Stephen Peterson
  23. Steve Murray
  24. Willard Gibbs



2 thoughts on “Thank You, BeeSWeek Supporters

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