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Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott “Alisha the Explorer“, Founder of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM)

Pollinator Support Movement’s mission is to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.

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  1. The “BeeSWeek 2013: Scientific and Community Panel Forums” DVD educational film production has wrapped.  Held at the University of New Mexico, the BeeSWeek production made the front page news of the Albuquerque Journal on its opening day, and was featured on a local television morning show called “The Morning Brew”.  Raw footage from the BeeSWeek panel discussion film production is currently in early editing.
  2. In the next several weeks, once the DVD project is fully edited and pressed (duplicated), it will be sold online and at local public events as a fundraising product for the sustainable and humanitarian-based projects that are designed and produced by members of Pollinator Support Movement collective.  Funds generated by the sale of the BeeSWeek educational DVD will be split “50/50 net” between habitat restoration and research and development projects, and community food and educational projects.
  3. Pollinator Support Movement has hired a professional social media representative for the BeeSWeek 2013 DVD fundraiser production.  Stay tuned for details!  Click here to read more about PSM in the media.
  4. Pollinator Support Movement is currently raising funds to pay for:  BeeSWeek 2013 productions costs, non-profit organization filing fees, and “pro-pollinator” creative marketing projects.  Once non-profit status has been awarded, Pollinator Support Movement will be partnering with grass roots artists and small business owners to grow a North American (and beyond) collective.  This collective will operate under the PSM motto: “For Planet, For Purpose”, and will contribute to the sustainable systems and cultural change and economic boost that the global agribusiness industry needs in order to progress and thrive.
  5. Pollinator Support Movement intends to sponsor national and local “bee-friendly” labeling programs, by working with a local grocery co-operative (co-op) to create a marketing program where grocery consumers will be able to easily identify products (with ingredients) that are pollinated by bees.  Additionally, Pollinator Support Movement is interested in creating ancillary labeling programs for the food and beverage industries.  Stay tuned for details on both “Bee-Friendly” labeling programs.
  6. At this early stage, and with progressive successes still under way, Pollinator Support Movement needs your financial contribution now.  BeeSWeek 2013 cost $8,000 to produce.  $1,995 has been raised to date.  Thank You so much to all of the PSM new Members and donors!  Click here to read about these compassionate people.
  7. Pre-sale BeeSWeek panel discussion DVD‘s will be available soon!  Stay tuned for details!  Why is the BeeSWeek 2013 panel discussion DVD project such a big deal?  Click here to learn more.
  8. If you are in a position to publicly support Pollinator Support Movement (a publicly-beneficial, non-profit collective), please consider joining PSM as a Member, or donate your money to PSM by visiting the Crown Bees’ PSM Memberships page at the Crown Bees website.  If you contribute to the PSM cause, your name will appear in the credits on the BeeSWeek 2013 educational DVD.

Contact Pollinator Support Movement

Citizen Services Department: (415) 484-BEE4 is (415) 484-2334




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Weblinks to our BeeSWeek online crowd-funding promotions.

New Media

Click here to see Alisha “Bee” on the local Albuquerque TV morning show “The Morning Brew”.

The Morning Brew Memorial Day Show 2013
The Morning Brew Memorial Day Show 2013

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