Milestone: 5,000 Visitors

Written by Alisha the Explorer, founder of Pollinator Support Movement

Milestone: 5,000 Visitors

Thank You to the 5,000+ Visitors of the Pollinator Support Movement blog website!  With this new milestone now achieved, I am so excited to be reaching more and more concerned global citizens each day.

Bee Smarter

If you want to know more about bees, and what you and your neighbors should know about their global population decrease, stay tuned for PSM’s upcoming Indiegogo crowd-funding (fundraising) campaign.  A brand new and innovative educational DVD will be offered for sale, paired with other goodies called “perks”.

Administrative and marketing tasks are almost complete, and so this fundraising campaign will begin very soon.

About the Fundraising Campaign

The “BeeSWeek 2013: Scientific and Community Panel Forums” educational DVD film production has wrapped. Held at the University of New Mexico, the BeeSWeek production made the front page news of the Albuquerque Journal on its opening day, and was featured on a local television morning show called “The Morning Brew”. Raw film production footage from the BeeSWeek panel discussions is currently in editing.

In the next several weeks, once the DVD project is fully edited and pressed (duplicated), it will be sold online and at local public events as a fundraising product for the sustainable and humanitarian-based projects that are designed and produced by members of Pollinator Support Movement collective. Funds generated by the sale of the BeeSWeek educational DVD will be split “50/50 net” between habitat restoration and research and development projects, and community food and educational projects.


To contact PSM for any reason, call (415) 484-BEE4, or, E-Mail to

Pollinator Support Movement © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Pollinator Support Movement © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott


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