Meet Ziaa “Bee”

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Meet Ziaa “Bee”.  In 2011, when I moved to Oakland, California, I was very fortunate to meet Ziaa.  She is multi-talented with an incredible life story, and was my neighbor and confidant.  Ziaa was a daily source of support as I worked on my public awareness “Bee Friendly Weekly Wednesday Peaceful Protests” in Berkeley.  She shares my interest in promoting public bees awareness, and helped me to create the “Do You Like Food? No Bees, No Food!” propaganda for Pollinator Support Movement’s official October 2012 launch.

Recently, Ziaa sent me an image of her wearing a bee costume that she found in her community’s “Free Zone”.

Ziaa shares:

“The Free Zone is out side our door now, so I keep it up and I am first to get/ see the goodies!!!!  Well the Bee outfit was just there and our new room mate told me to put it on and she’d take a pic.”

Thank You, Ziaa, for your support and for sending over the great image.

Do you have an image that you’d like to share and see posted at Pollinator Support Movement?  If so, E-Mail to!

Ziaa Bee in Oakland CA

Ziaa “Bee” in Oakland CA


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