In my Professional Experience

Post taken from Alisha’s Blog on July 26, 2013.

Uploading a new self-portrait for online promo (shown below), creating a new document presenting my professional experience, updating my LinkedIn profile, and a trip to the local library to get a library card; these are my accomplishments for today.


Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Yesterday, I relocated back to Arizona.  Since early April, I have been working in New Mexico on the BeeSWeek 2013 production for my non-profit, Pollinator Support Movement.  There are dozens of concerned citizens that have helped me along my journey.  Most recently, I would like to thank the talented architect that supported me during my stay.

With this move back “home”, I feel excited to begin reintegrating myself back into the many Phoenix communities that I appreciate.  Arts, entertainment, creative design, “free the bees” work, and the beautiful desert… YES!

It is amazing to me that a full year of Pollinator Support Movement work is already under my belt.  On a daily basis, my spirit encourages me to continue my bees work journey.  I am so encouraged by the progress thus far!

The challenge of “not having a regular paying job” to fund my community-beneficial venture has become a major roadblock.  Both the quality of my personal relationships and “free the bees” progress have been slowed.

I have truly enjoyed the freedom of working on my art, music, and community bees work anytime I want.  And, I fully realize that I also truly enjoy producing the financial stability that encourages my creative projects to occur in bigger and more glorious bursts.

My next steps: secure freelance, full, or part-time creative and event design work.


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