Worse fates than honey fate

Blessed honey drips © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Blessed honey drips © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Honey is the only natural food that will not spoil (rot).  It is considered a perfect and helpful food.

With all of the energy and discussion at BeeSWeek 2013 this past June in Albuquerque, I now understand the skinny on the state of our planet’s food-pollinating Honey bees: failure and collapse are imminent.  (If our communities don’t do a thing to save the Honey bees, real honey will certainly become too expensive for those that do not keep Honey bees.)

And so, when I was recently gifted a honey stick snack, I was pleased.  The plastic tube holding the honey inside the honey stick is sealed at both ends.  I put one end of the plastic tube in between my teeth to tear a hole in it.

My plan fails, and the pressure from my clinched teeth makes the tube of honey explode out the opposite end.

I look down, and a trail of golden honey drips down my summer top, over my summer shorts, and onto my leg.  For a brief moment, taste bud paradise was found.  I sincerely enjoyed each moment of licking the dots of honey off of my shirt.  Finger painting fun was had, as I smeared honey onto my finger from my shorts and legs.

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Click here to visit my SoundCloud profile page to listen to a song concept that I wrote about honey disappearing, called “Honey B Sweet”.


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