News: Project Updates

Pollinator Support Movement Founder, Alisha Forrester Scott

Pollinator Support Movement Founder, Alisha Forrester Scott

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

There are a lot of projects on the board, and many of them are coming to fruition in the near-future.

Here is an update on my/our progress so far:

  1. The “BeeSWeek 2013: Bee-Friendly” educational DVD is still in editing.  A first-look at what the film will look like is expected in the next few weeks.  Thank You to H/H Productions for working with PSM on a shoestring budget.  Someday, PSM will have plenty of money and support to make the big projects happen fast.
  2. The Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign will launch soon, thanks to the video editing skills of Emily Neumann.  I am trying to arrange transportation to/from Sedona this weekend to work with Emily on producing the 3-5 minute “pitch video” that is needed to launch the campaign.  Thank You to Emily for working with me on this important video.
  3. Four proposals for “Bee-Friendly” labeling programs have been submitted to various businesses in New Mexico and Arizona.  Thank You to my supportive friends for referring me to those in positions of influence at these businesses.  More on the specifics of these labeling programs will be released in the next few weeks.
  4. Jim Phillips, writer for Local IQ (newspaper) in Albuquerque is nearly finished writing an article about my work, the bees, and the vision of PSM.  Thank You to Jim for helping me to spread the word about the bees and my work with PSM.
  5. Recently, I quietly posted a press release listing broad details of an upcoming retail fundraising website to support PSM projects.  Click here to read the press release about this exciting venture entitled, “Pollinator Support Movement to benefit from online retail sales.”

Thank You to everyone who continues to support the vision and mission of Pollinator Support Movement.

For updates and featured stories, come back and visit again to follow my/our progress, as they are continually posted here at the PSM blog website, and on Alisha’s Blog.

If you have not already, please join and “Like” PSM at the official Pollinator Support Movement FB page.


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