New Experience: Wild Success

View of edited BeeSWeek footage tables © 2013 Pollinator Support Movement

View of edited BeeSWeek footage tables © 2013 Pollinator Support Movement


This piece was originally posted at Alisha’s Blog on 8-10-2013.

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

My definition of wild success has recently occurred.  After two months of working to get beyond the multiple blocks of learning new skills like transcribing and editing content and timing for the BeeSWeek 2013 footage, the process has wrapped.  The end game of this minutiae-filled process is the forthcoming “BeeSWeek 2013: Bee Friendly” educational DVD.  Spreadsheet tables listing content and time signatures of the BeeSWeek footage were created to aid the film editors (H/H Productions, Albuquerque, NM) in efficiently producing a first-draft DVD release.

Alongside the educational DVD will come a pre-sales event, happening inside of an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.  This Indiegogo campaign has been a month in the making.  The most challenging aspect of the Indiegogo campaign to me is the ever-important “3-5 minute pitch video”.  I have been in all ways wrestling with the concept, script, ordering, obtaining of the elements that would go into the video, and video editing functions for this pitch (sales) video.

And thank goodness Universe for easing my troubled mind, enter Emily Neumann (Sedona, AZ).  Emily has just completed a successful crowd-funding campaign on her own behalf.  (She’s going to be a life coach!)  And, after some explanation as to my current challenges in launching the Indiegogo campaign to pre-sale the educational DVD, Emily has agreed to work with me on video editing.

At this point, with thanks to Emily’s creative soothing, I am now confident that I have a video concept and storyboard that will be entertaining and enlightening.  I will do my best to convince everyone that they need to learn about what’s happening by purchasing the “BeeSWeek 2013: Bee Friendly” educational DVD.  As it stands now, the video will answer 73 vital questions about all-things-bees and the businesses surrounding the bees.

Teaching our North American community (and beyond) about bees as food pollinators has never seemed more important.  Soon, TIME magazine will release their bee-centric cover issue.  And so, I commit to moving forward; carrying hope and the message to “save and restore bees and the food supply chain” to our communities and the media.  The money that will be earned from the educational DVD fundraising campaign will pay to fund and complete the project ($8,000 required), and to register Pollinator Support Movement as an official 501 (c) non-profit organization ($1,400 required).

My very next steps:

  1. Work with film production company to schedule and preview the first-draft release of the “BeeSWeek 2013: Bee Friendly” educational DVD
  2. Work with Emily Neumann to complete production of the “3-5 minute pitch video”
  3. Launch official educational DVD pre-sales program through Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign (fundraising)

Thank You to everyone who continues to be outwardly positive and encourage my “free the bees” work with Pollinator Support Movement.  At this time, I am doing this work with very few resources.  However, your kind words and various contributions are helping me to open-up our North Americans neighbors to the idea that we must immediately take measures to protect our food pollinators and food supply chain.  I feel blessed to have found one of my purposes for being, and am SO VERY CURIOUS to see what happens next.

If you have not already, click here to read how I became involved in this work.

Visit Alisha’s Blog online.


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