Kickstarter Treasure

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

If you’re looking to support bee-friendly education for kids and their adults, check out this exciting project find from Kickstarter.  “The Lost Bee” is a children’s eBook app that teaches about honey bees with a moving story and games that replicate honey bee jobs. The project is being created by Little Bird Games out of State College, PA.

According to the project’s Kickstarter page, the Xerces Society and the Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State University were consulted to keep information scientifically correct.  The game will feature and educate players on the tasking that bees perform, including:

  • cell cleaning and larvae feeding
  • cell building and filling
  • feeding the queen and her attendants
  • using propolis (plant resin)
  • maintaining hive temperature, and
  • foraging for nectar and pollen

To contribute to the creation of this project, visit the official Kickstarter page, at

Little Bird Games' concept art for "The Lost Bee"

Little Bird Games’ concept art for “The Lost Bee”


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