Gracious Goodness

Food As Medicine: True Story

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Up until November 2012, I was living well below the poverty line in the toxic industrial wasteland that is Fruitvale, East Oakland, California.  Granted, I was living in community at Vulcan Studios with a couple hundred of the most interesting people that I have ever imagined, and was arguably happy.

During a Thanksgiving 2012 visit to my hometown, Arizona, I had the opportunity to visit the home office of holistic nurse practitioner, Brandi Owens.  I had decided that I needed to find out what was going on with my health.  Within a few months prior, I had noticed a change in my skin tone and eye color, and unwanted hair and weight loss.

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During my visit to Brandi, and up until the moment that we reviewed the results of my thermographic scan, it is my opinion that I had been eating and drinking like a normal American (irresponsibly).  Poor quality meats, a ton of inexpensive and internationally-imported produce, and regularly drinking unfiltered water in an area that was known for water toxicity.

The results of my thermographic scan were, in a word, “severe”.  My kidney was in “severe” peril.  My circulation was showing reversal in several areas around my body, and increased fever in my abdomen indicated bacterial infection and potential food allergies.  And so that day, I flew back to northern California feeling thankful but confused, and determined to reverse the serious condition of my health.


Back at home in the bay area,  I found myself working with multiple practitioners to determine the best course of healing action.  I quickly moved out of my toxic residence, and In my conversation and research, I was pointed in the direction of using food as medicine to detoxify my blood.  Specifically, I was referred to a book and diet called “Eat Right For (4) Your Type” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney.  My blood type is in the A category, and the book is very specific about the types of foods that affect my blood, and how.

Within 30 days of eating only the foods and types of water that wholly nourished my body, my recovery was becoming more physically evident.  My eyes were clearer, my hair had stopped falling out, my skin tone evened, and my weight loss had stopped, reversed, and regulated itself.

Within 60 days of eating the foods that nourished my body, and by taking whole food and nutritional supplements, I felt great!  I was noticeably more confident and felt less depressed, and I even felt my mind perk-up.  (Overall, my daily energy levels lifted-off the charts!)

Habitual Importance

Having moved to Albuquerque in April 2013 to work on the BeeSWeek 2013 project, my environment was new, and filled with fun people and tasty temptation.  Within just three weeks of arriving in-town, I ultimately wavered and then crashed from my success in dietary consistency.

Within 30 days of moving away from my health-conscious routine, I felt less happy and more frustrated.  My weight was staying the same, but the shape of my arms and shape of my lower body seemed to be changing.

Within 60 days of eating and drinking irresponsibly, just like my old, regular American self, I was fully distressed and having a hard time falling asleep.  I felt depressed, and my personal frustrations began to turn towards anger.

Positive Influence

I observe that I am deeply influenced by my environment and community.  And so, when I am able to live amongst others who value internal physical health, I feel supported and encouraged to continue making healthy food choices.

This week marks my fourth week being “back on” my nourishing diet.  Although, I still occasionally find myself thinking of cheating on my self with cane and beat sugars, crazy-delicious carbohydrates and gluten, the way that my body is currently feeling is giving me the confidence to stay progressive.  I believe that I can personally develop a permanent dietary habit that will provide long-term benefits.  Simply said, I am doing the work to stay consistent in my daily dietary practice.

Saving The Bees to Save My Own Self

My diet is primarily vegetarian.  This simple truth indeed humbles me.  And, I am grateful for the many types of bees that provide pollination of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices that I eat in order to stay healthy.

Here’s an online petition to ban the Neonicotinoid chemicals that are killing bees, if you are interested:


Honey beekeeper Tomas Urrea © 2013


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