Day Dream

Written by Alisha Bee

Not concerned about the future, nor concerned about the past.

Today, in a day dream fantasy, I designed an urban bee museum and research centers.  (Oh!  And now I want to add a learning and wellness center!)

These professional in/outdoor facilities owned by the community, would be run by local citizens that are vested and trained, and personally dedicated to sustaining healthy agricultural practices and promoting sustainable business.

Perhaps there would be a restaurant called “Honey Research and Development: Cafe”.

Alisha and the Restorative Retail (RR) economic plan would have an office and workshop studio.

Pollinator Support Movement‘s (forthcoming) “Bees Network News” (BNN) would have technical recording studios on-site.

Also on-site, a United Citizens Bee Bank (of sorts) could offer the local community banking, trade, and exchange services.

Alisha Bee © 2013 Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Alisha Bee (PSM), and Justin Booz (The Co-Op Operation community garden project) © 2013 Alisha Bee


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