Secret Post


Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott
Producer, Pollinator Support Movement

“The idea of educating people about why they should purchase the “Bee-Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013″ educational fundraising DVD has proven very challenging.

So, I am going to have a little fun with the rest of the Indiegogo campaign… to try and get some more attention, so that my next online fundraising campaign works better. (Yes, I believe that this current Indiegogo campaign is failing — in many ways.)

Below, is a my latest audio post, as found at my SoundCloud song page. Enjoy.” –Alisha “Bee”

♥ Bees and Music. ♥


This song was borne after a whole day and overnight of emotional and verbal incubation. The words poured from the page, and it was easy to understand where I was at with the whole idea of what love really means to me.

This song was originally recorded with my cell phone, in video format. This video is somewhere online, but has a secret video link. If you are interested in seeing the video, then please consider donating to save the bees.


Or, search online for “Indiegogo PSM Bee-Friendly BeeSWeek 2013”. And, there you can order a independently-funded and scientifically-accurate multi-hour discussion about the current state of North American bees and the food supply chain.

This discussion was intentionally recorded, after many months of preparation, in June 2013 at the University of New Mexico. The “Bee-Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013” educational fundraising DVD was co-produced by myself, Alisha M. Forrester Scott, and Dave Hunter (CEO, Crown Bees in Washington state).

The DVD footage was filmed in the university auditorium during “BeeSWeek 2013: Scientific and Community Panel Forums” events. These events took place as an extension program of the inaugural Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME).

BeeSWeek 2013 was severely under-funded, but nonetheless featured many of our nation’s brightest experts in the bees industries.

Secret Video Info: If you purchase ANY DVD package at, I will send you the secret video link… which I was told is “really cute n sweet!!!” ha


Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott
Founder, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM)

Lyrics to “Ex Marks the Spot” by Alisha M. Forrester Scott:

If you really love me
Take care of my little big heart

And if you really like me
Allow me to enjoy my art

If you need to me free
Then I’ll be happy as can be
Just knowing you did what you needed

But if you call on me, again
And ask me if I can pretend
That you didn’t actually mean it

I’ll say no
I’ll say no
Did you know

That someone out there will love me
And help me to be strong and free
I feel that I deserve much better

Than you poor treatment of my heart
And zero interest in my art
I’m now free from passive rejection
I’m better without deep depression

So, if you really love
Take care of my little big heart

And if you really like me
Allow me to enjoy my art


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