Milestone: Campaign Update


Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott
Founder, Pollinator Support Movement

❤ The “Bee-Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013” Indiegogo fundraising campaign has been canceled. ❤

Managing an Indiegogo campaign on my own has proven unsuccessful.  Those that have contributed to the campaign will be contacted after 10/31/2013, and will receive the packages which they have so graciously purchased.  But, I’m not giving up!  NEVER!  In fact, the “Bee-Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013” educational DVD will be released and made available for sale online this fall 2013, through a regular sales online and in booths.

❤ Bees and Personal Effort. ❤

Special Thanks

If you’ve helped in any way with the expansion of Pollinator Support Movement, to me you are an Angel.  Thank You to everyone who has made it possible for me and us to “get this far” on such few financial resources.

Those that have previously financially contributed, joined PSM during the summer membership drive, or have offered their special talents and abilities to the process, will be mentioned in the DVD ending credits.

Thank You to Lainie “Sevante” Quirk and Ivan Weiner of Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME) for inviting me to present BeeSWeek 2013 on behalf of PSM during their inaugural film festival event.

Thank You to Cecilia Sadler and Scharles Wilder for providing me with comfortable accommodations during my temporary residence in Albuquerque.

Thank You to Alan Cronick and the team at The Mattress Firm (NM) for providing the capital donation which allowed PSM to afford filming of the BeeSWeek 2013 events at University of New Mexico.

Thank You to the staff at University of New Mexico (UNM) for their support of the BeeSWeek 2013 project.

Thank You to the members of the New Mexico, Hawaii, and Bay Area California public media, for providing me with opportunities to talk about BeeSWeek 2013 in print, television, and radio.

❤ And especially, Thank You to the BeeSWeek 2013 panelists, who contributed their own financial energy to this process. ❤

Learn More

If you are interested in tracking my personal story, progress, and creative adventures, catch me at my “Alisha’s Blog” website.  The URL is


You are invited to reach me at (978) 254-7428 is (978) ALISHA-8, or, E-Mail to

Alisha says: “You can view the “Alisha Bee (Valley Girl)” promotional Indiegogo campaign video by clicking here.  There was very little response to this video, but I had fun making it, anyway.”

Alisha Bee © 2013

Alisha Bee © 2013


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