About the Movement

  • News and fundraising; Gathering the communities which support saving and restoring bees and the food supply chain

Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) is a collective of action-oriented humans that possess the personal interest, expertise, experience, and compassionate nature necessary to changing the trajectory of the actual and current conditions of the food supply chain.

PSM is changing the culture of how humanity works together in the midst of declining global bee populations from mites, disease, chemicals, and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and may be described as a global network collective guided by peaceful standards of conduct and functional behavioral practices.

PSM is focused on the discovery of actual and current conditions of the food supply chain, and is committed to educating and enabling humans to act quickly in order to prevent  famine in North America and beyond.

PSM is providing solutions, and free, ongoing support to all who are currently, or may become affected by the failing food supply chain.

PSM is a long-term, global, solidarity-in-action project that is a work-in-progress.  The project will come to conclusion once there are enough bees to meet the needs of human food demand.

Beyond cost of enterprise, all PSM income is directly funneled back into the movement to ensure that all community education programs remain free of charge.  Vital research and development will also be funded through PSM’s resources.

Planet, humans, insects, and animals

The real lives of all inhabitants of the planet are, and will remain affected by the enormous loss of the Earth’s bees populations.  In order to save the bees and the food supply chain, consumer demand for the release of information that affects quality of life must occur now.  Within ethics and gentility, Pollinator Support Movement intends to enable and activate each and all, in order to prevent unnecessary disaster and widespread famine.

Influencing the media 

It is important that the public understand the role of all bees as pollinators.  Honey bees are important, but failing.  With the current rate of decline of honey bee populations all over the planet, it is really very important that all bees are spared, in all situations.  PSM is committed to providing the media and the public with current research, information, educational opportunities, and success stories as we gain momentum.


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