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Alisha Bee’s Restorative Retail Plan To Free the Bees

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Restorative Retail (RR)

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, Founder of Pollinator Support Movement

September 2013

Phoenix, Arizona

On behalf of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM), a new retail fundraising website is launching.  PSM founder, Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, calls her Restorative Retail (RR) plan, “…an attempt to streamline contemporary commerce, for the purpose of funding sustainable business start-ups and community education and wellness initiatives.  And, to save and restore the bees and the food supply chain.”

The “Restorative Retail” commerce model

The commerce model by which PSM operates is called “Restorative Retail” — which Forrester Scott calls, “the Future of Peaceful Commerce”.  By description, the (RR) program is an economic template for doing sustainable and responsible business.  The (RR) new commerce model supports the PSM collective, an all-inclusive network of people who care, and their direct communities, and will operate as a non-profit organization.

Ultimately, like any “online and large box retailer”, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) collective collects revenues from retail sales, wholesaler affiliations, subscriptions, and trade contributions.  Retail fundraising purchases and contributions are collected by PSM, and funds pooled into a sole, Global Solidarity Fund.  Once traditional cost of business deductions are made, net profits are then bifurcated with:

50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For People”

  • 50% of all net revenues placed into innumerable Community Banking accounts to be spread to and employed by all people in need on planet Earth, wherever they may reside; to provide whatever help (energy) people need in order to restore balance, install sustainable creative-alternative economies, provide public community forum, and free lifetime education, so that all may flourish in peaceful and progressive resonance.
50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For Planet”
  • 50% of all net revenues are placed into innumerable Restorative Natural Systems Banking accounts to be spread to organizations who benefit the planet Earth and her non-Human inhabitants; to provide whatever help (energy) is needed to restore nature to balance.

COMING SOON… Alisha Bee opens for retail fundraising business at

Please support Alisha Bee’s purpose!  When you purchase products and services through Alisha Bee, all of the money that is made by Alisha Bee from your purchase will provide local and regional community support programs and funding and sustainable planetary restoration projects.

For Planet. For People. For Purpose.  Of the net profits from retail, 50% of net gains will directly fund planetary restoration projects.  The other 50% of net gains will directly fund community support and improvement projects.  Alisha Bee retail programs were created to majorly fund the creative awareness projects produced by Pollinator Support Movement.

What is Restorative Retail (RR) ?  (RR) is the name of a sustainable retail sales program developed by Alisha M. Forrester Scott to help fund creative public awareness projects produced by Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

How the Alisha Bee retail shop at Works.  With your support, Alisha Bee is going to help PSM to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.  If you regularly shop online, consider spending your money at Alisha Bee.  Shop online like you do at any other online retailer.  But, unlike other online retailers, your money spent does not go towards executives and shareholders-only.  Instead, Alisha Bee gives all the money to projects that benefits communities and the planet Earth.

Click here to read more about the projects that is currently working towards funding.

Click here to read all about my public relations work on behalf of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

Save Bees By Voting With Your Dollars.  Please support Alisha Bee’s purpose!  When you purchase products and services through Alisha Bee, all of the money that is made by Alisha Bee from your purchase will benefit planetary restoration projects and local and regional community support programs.  Together, we have everything to gain! Shopping Mall.  Alisha Bee shopping can be found online at an store.  This online retail fundraising store is the official Alisha Bee retailer.

For Purpose.  Pollinator Support Movement benefits directly from Alisha Bee community retail fundraising programs and systems, like Restorative Retail (RR).

Contacting Alisha Bee HQ.

  1. Call (978) ALISHA-8 is (978) 254-7428
  2. E-Mail me, Alisha Bee, to

Day of Wedding Timeline Organizer Flashcards

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: “A new wedding planning flashcards product to make the process easier and more efficient”

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, product creator

Click here to download the official New Product Announcement.

August 2013

Mesa, Arizona

A seasoned events professional from Mesa, Arizona, Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott has designed many well-reviewed events for private parties, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and commercial arts organizations. And, at summer’s end, Forrester Scott will be releasing a new professional event planning tool to make planning a wedding easier and more efficient.

For the last three years, Forrester Scott has worked to organize and author her proprietary event planning method.  The flashcards product comes as a packaged deck that is sold in one complete set, and may be used by those of all skill-levels and experience. The first edition printed decks are non-denominational (non-specific to any particular religion), and come with a money back guarantee offer.

Forrester Scott reports, “I thoughtfully developed the Day of Wedding Timeline Organizer Flashcards product to educate and inspire confidence in Do-It-Yourselfers. The purpose of the product is to help anyone planning a wedding to quickly schedule and monitor important wedding day details. This professional planning tool has many benefits, and may be used alongside any event coordinator’s existing planning method. I believe that modern wedding planners and Do-It-Yourselfers will totally appreciate my efforts.”

The 4 x 6 deck of flashcards comes with forty (40), typical, American, wedding day “Event Milestone” cards, and seven (7) blank cards which provide ease of planning any additional and more personalized wedding day event milestones.

The deck comes with suggestions for use, an example card, and an explanation of the example card. Cards also provide a description of each wedding day element, professional advise for fully completing each task, and the ability to track the approximate activity length for each wedding day timeline element. Features include: each flashcard allows tracking of timelines for each person, and gender-neutral wording that is inclusive of all couples.

“This product is wedding-tested and beloved.  It is easy enough to use that it will likely reduce the stress normally caused by planning such an important event. The first editions are “single-use”, with product users writing directly onto the cards with a pencil or erasable pen. A reusable, professional version will likely be released after the holidays,” Forrester Scott shares.

Pricing for the single-use flashcards deck will debut near $50.00, but Forrester Scott says that there will be exclusive in-booth pricing specials for those couples who attend wedding trade shows. By summer’s end, the Day of Wedding Timeline Organizer Flashcards will be available online through, and at booth sales during wedding trade shows.  After which, Forrester Scott intends to sell the flashcards in local wedding retail shops. “For those that cannot afford a wedding planner, but still need help, fifty dollars is a great price to pay for that help,” says Forrester Scott.

Forrester Scott has committed fifty percent of earnings from the sales of the flashcards products to assist Pollinator Support Movement in funding their “bee-friendly” creative community awareness projects. “Bees represent the ultimate in health and quality of life. Bees pollinate our fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices, and they are dying faster then they can repopulate. I want to help educate my communities about this crisis so that we can make responsible choices before food becomes too expensive for children and their families. Pollinator Support Movement is a non-profit organization that wants to do this, too. So, I am donating directly to their programs.”

For questions or comments regarding the flashcards product, please E-Mail to Alisha M. Forrester Scott at, or call (978) ALISHA-8.

For more information about Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) programs and how you can contribute, please

Pollinator Support Movement to benefit from online retail sales

Mesa, A.Z., August 1, 2013

Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) founder, Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, has announced plans to launch an official online fundraising retail shop.  The official retail shop will be opened by the end of summer 2013 at the online shopping mall platform.  Restorative Retail (RR) is the name of the sustainable retail sales program, developed by Forrester Scott, to help fund creative public awareness projects produced by Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

The motto of the online retail fundraising shop is: For People. For Planet. For Purpose.  Of the net profit from retail sales, 50% of net gains will directly fund planetary restoration projects.  The other 50% of net gains will directly fund community support and improvement projects.  Since the October 2012 launch of PSM, Forrester Scott has been working to keep bees in the media, and create the type of sustainable net gains that will financially support vital “free the bees” pubic awareness and development programs.

Forrester Scott reports, “Consumers can save the bees by voting with their dollars.  With consumer support, proceeds from the online retail shop are going to help PSM to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.  If you are one that regularly shops online, please consider spending your money at the new online shopping center.  Shop online like you would at any other online retailer.  But, unlike other online retailers, your money spent does not go towards executives and shareholders-only.  Instead, money from online sales will go to projects that benefit communities and the planet Earth.”

Projects that retail sales will fund, include: a 501 (c) non-profit status filing fee for Pollinator Support Movement (PSM), “Bee Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013″ educational DVD title release and Indiegogo campaign, “Bee-Friendly” Grocery Shelf Labeling Program (Goal: Local, Regional, National), “Bee Sweet” Specialty Cookie Sales Program (Goal: Local), “Bee Sweet Tea” Specialty Cafe Beverages Labeling Program (Goal: Local), “Beers for Bees” Bottling and Labeling Program (Goal: Local, Regional), “Pizza for Pollinators” Box Labeling Program (Goal: Local, Regional), and a “Bee Songs” music CD (Goal: Local Bay Area, Albuquerque, and Phoenix Valley).

Weblinks and additional information relating to the launch of the online shopping center that will benefit PSM will be posted as they become available.

Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) for comments or questions: and (415) 484-BEE4 is (415) 484-2334.

About Pollinator Support Movement:  With a mission to save and restore bees and the food supply chain, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) is a collective of action-oriented humans that possess the personal interest, expertise, experience, and compassionate nature necessary to changing the trajectory of actual and current food supply chain conditions.

Crown Bees teams with Pollinator Support Movement for national launch of “BeeGAP” action plan to increase bee populations and food supply

Albuquerque, N.M., March 27, 2013

Pollinator Support Movement, a social action group committed to saving and restoring pollinators, has partnered with Crown Bees to launch a national program called BeeGAP (Gardeners Adding Pollinators).  The program seeks to increase native bee populations for food and plant pollination, starting in the backyard.  BeeGAP enlists gardeners, garden clubs, and garden communities to raise gentle native bees to supplement declining honey bee pollinators.

Dave Hunter, founder of Crown Bees said, “We need more alternative bees that are efficient food pollinators.  BeeGAP is a solution that can increase the use of gentle solitary native bees to keep food on our tables.  These highly efficient pollinators have been largely overlooked in gardens and commercial crops due to honey bee dependence.”

The BeeGAP program is the only known public plan that economically and efficiently stimulates raising bees in North America.  This program both teaches and rewards gardeners for successfully raising gentle solitary bees.  To increase the pollinator population, through BeeGAP, gardeners may exchange or sell excess bees for distribution to other gardeners, farmers, and commercial growers to help alleviate the current and imminent strain on the national food supply chain.

Alisha Forrester Scott, founder of PSM said, “Working with Crown Bees is a synergistic opportunity to change the way we manage one of our planet’s treasured resources.  These tiny bees are our garden caretakers, and are the workers that pollinate beyond one-third of our human food supply.”

BeeGAP, will be a movement with many partners. PSM and Crown Bees share a common goal to build awareness and educate garden and agricultural communities on successful use of native bees.  Beyond cost of enterprise, all partners’ contributions to BeeGAP will be “for purpose and for planet”; meaning, program income is directly funneled back into the movement to ensure that all community education programs remain free of charge.  Vital research and development will also be funded through BeeGAP’s resources.

Earlier this year, PSM was invited to design and produce “BeeSWeek” during Albuquerque Film & Media Experience, June 3-9, 2013, in New Mexico.  PSM, with Crown Bees, is developing an event schedule that compliments the “impactful” nature of the film festival and the planet-conscious community of Albuquerque.

Said Lainie S. Quirk and Ivan Wiener, Co-Founders and Executive Producers of the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME), “As a rapid decline in global bee populations continues, we are honored to support the Pollinator Support Movement in sharing education messages and community action opportunities.  It is incredibly important to bring this information to a more global stage through AFME, and we are proud to be highlighting education about bees and “Colony Collapse Disorder” through the screenings of Vanishing of the Bees, Bee Movie, and all the ancillary programming that is scheduled throughout the exciting week of conscious events for Albuquerque.”

During AFME, BeeS Week will effectively “marry” bees, media, science, and academia.  The University of New Mexico will host a dynamic science and community panel forum.  This national gathering will include top researchers, agricultural industry pioneers, bee producers and supporters, the University of New Mexico researchers, faculty, and students, and members of the local Albuquerque community.

Said Forrester Scott, “In 2013 and beyond, I am humbled to be teaming with Crown Bees, AFME, and the University of New Mexico for such an important global issue.  We are committed to providing the media and the public with current research, information, educational opportunities, and success stories as we gain momentum.  We wholeheartedly intend to save our pollinators, ensure our future food supply, and globally improve quality of life.”

Albuqerque Film & Media Experience (AFME):

Crown Bees and BeeGAP:

Pollinator Support Movement for comments or questions regarding volunteerism and sponsorship at AFME:

About Pollinator Support Movement:  With a mission to save and restore bees and the food supply chain, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) is a collective of action-oriented humans that possess the personal interest, expertise, experience, and compassionate nature necessary to changing the trajectory of actual and current food supply chain conditions.

BeeAction, a Crown Bees Online Event, Enlists Gardeners to Solve Bee Pollination Shortage in Commercial Orchards


The almond industry’s bee pollination shortage announced last month is a tipping point for the effects of declining honey bees on our food supply. A panel of experts joins Crown Bees for BeeAction, an online global event March 30th, to explain the issues and a bold solution to increase gentle, solitary bee populations at the gardener level for distribution to commercial orchards.

“We need more bees that are efficient pollinators for our food supply. The solution is in our own backyards.”

Woodinville, WA (PRWEB) March 27, 2013

Crown Bees has a plan to help the almond industry fill the gap left by declining honey bee pollinators. Plan details will be unveiled at a free global online event, called BeeAction, Saturday, March 30, 2013.

The Company, a leader in mason bee education and bee-safe products, along with a panel of industry experts, will launch BeeGAP, a gardener-level program to save our food supply from lack of bee pollination. Gardeners are being urged to raise gentle-natured solitary bees for their own food and plant pollination.

To build this highly efficient native bee population, gardeners can sell their excess bees, through BeeGAP, for distribution to other gardeners, farmers and commercial growers.

“The almond industry is the tipping point for the decline in honey bee pollinators at the commercial level,” said Dave Hunter, BeeAction host and Crown Bees founder, Fewer bee pollinators results in fewer almonds, a problem that will impact other agricultural crops that rely on honey bee pollination.

“We need more alternative bees that are efficient pollinators, and the solution is in our own backyards,” Hunter said. Native bees, like the mason bee, are gentle, rarely stinging pollinators that have been largely overlooked in gardens and commercial crops due to honey bee dependence.

The BeeAction event reaches out to garden writers, gardeners and communities everywhere to become part of this simple, yet bold solution. “Writers carry the power to create awareness about highly efficient native bee pollinators. Through that awareness and education, gardeners can become Power Pollinators by raising these gentle pollinators to increase the bee population,” Hunter said.

Panelists addressing the issues and the solution include a honey bee and mason bee researcher, an organic farmer, and the founder of a social movement for supporting pollinators.

Dr. Gordon Wardell, biologist for Paramount Farming Company in Bakersfield, CA, has more than 30 years experience as a professional apiculturist, and has worked with bees on three continents. Previously he was the extension apiculturist for the State of Maryland, and owned S.A.F.E. Research and Development in Tucson, AZ, a company dedicated to developing products for the bee industry. He is Board Chairman for Project Apis m.

Joe Fahey, owner of Peck & Bushel Fruit Company near Milwaukee, WI, is an organic farmer with 7,000 dwarf apple and cherry trees. The unprecedented spring temperatures of 2012 prompted Joe to explore a solution to poor cold weather pollination. Teaming with Crown Bees, he will experiment with the hornfaced mason bee this spring.

Alisha M. Forrester Scott is founder of Pollinator Support Movement. To promote bee awareness, Alisha is producer and event designer for BeeSWeek, June 2013, during the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME) in New Mexico. She is a prolific social media blogger on sustainable community culture, bees, and pollinator challenges, and hosts a YouTube channel.

Please register here and get information on how to participate.

Event: BeeAction: A Free Global Online Event
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2013
Time: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. PST

Media Contact: Elsie Olesen, media(at)CrownBees(dot)com

About Crown Bees:  Crown Bees,, founded in 2008 in Woodinville WA, is a leading mason bee pollination company engaged in keeping food on the table with solitary native bee pollinators and development of bee-safe products. Bees pollinate about one-third of the food supply. With the decline in honey bees, the Company seeks to increase the population of efficient mason bees as supplemental food pollinators. The Company’s solution resides in the backyards of gardeners everywhere. Gardeners raise gentle-natured mason bees to pollinate their own food and plants; then sell their excess bees, through Crown Bees’ BeeGAP program, for distribution to other gardeners, farmers and commercial growers.
 Crown Bees is a member of the Orchard Bee Association and participates in managed bee research. It is an advisor to scientific researchers focused on wild bee identification and development of pollinator management practices and ethics. It is also an advisor to ASPIRE, an offshoot of the Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) sponsored by the USDA. Crown Bees products are sold in the USA, Canada and Europe.

“BeeSWeek” is June 3-9, 2013


Highly Anticipated “Vanishing of the Bees” Documentary and Animated Film “Bee Movie” to Screen at AFME;  Major week long educational programs and events planned to bring awareness to “Colony Collapse Disorder”

Albuquerque, N.M. March 4, 2013 – As part of the impactful messaging conveyed through the films presented at the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME) at Nob Hill in June, George Langworthy’s “Vanishing of the Bees”, narrated by Ellen Page, will showcase on Wednesday, June 5, 2013, during the first night of screenings at Lobo Theatre.

“Bees Week” during AFME includes a series of events to support the education of “colony collapse disorder,” a current global issue. Activities include a special “freebee” showing of the animated film “Bee Movie” starring Jerry Seinfeld at the KiMo Theatre, for YMCA campers and other summer programs, an educational and scientific community discussion held on campus at University of New Mexico, and an official “Buzz Lounge” community meeting hub to serve the save the bees movement, to be located in the Nob Hill area.

“I am very happy to be coming to screen Vanishing of the Bees at the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience,” said George Langworthy, Producer and Director of the documentary film. “The community in New Mexico harbors a great meeting ground between the arts and environmental activism. I look forward to connecting about the issues surrounding the bee health crisis and inspire and empower each other to make a difference.”

More exciting events continue to unfold around this important topic that affects our world’s food supply. To get all the updates, please visit AFME’s official website at

“At the maxim of the planet’s ecosystem, the bees hold the keystone position in the food supply chain for humans and animals,” said Alisha M. Forrester Scott, Founder of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM), a worldwide organization for Bees awareness. “One-third of the planet’s bees are recently extinct. Let’s work together and find out why. AFME is providing a platform for discussion and is helping to effectively “marry” bees and media.”

Lainie S. Quirk and Ivan Wiener are the creators of the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience, a socially conscious event, taking place June 3-9, 2013, that represents creative achievement in film, music, arts and entertainment. AFME programming includes effectual and transformational media, domestic and international movies, new media, food and art, intimate conversations, panels and valuable connecting time with industry leaders in attendance.

For more information please contact Alisha Forrester Scott at


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