The Restorative Retail (RR) commerce model 

The commerce model by which PSM operates is called “Restorative Retail” — which is the Future of Peaceful Commerce.  The Restorative Retail commerce model supports the PSM collective (an all-inclusive network of people who care) and their direct communities, and will operate as a non-profit organization.  Ultimately, like any “online and large box retailer”, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) collective is a Corporate Person, whose net revenues from retail sales, wholesaler subscriptions and contributions, and all other fee and online revenue streams are actualized.

Once consumer purchases (brick and mortar, online) and any financial contributions are collected by PSM, funds are pooled into a sole, Global Solidarity Fund.  Once traditional cost of business deductions are made, net profits are then bifurcated with:

50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For People”

  • 50% of all net revenues placed into innumerable Community Banking accounts to be spread to and employed by all people in need on planet Earth, wherever they may reside; to provide whatever help (energy) people need in order to restore balance, install sustainable creative-alternative economies, provide public community forum, and free lifetime education, so that all may flourish in peaceful and progressive resonance.
50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For Planet”
  • 50% of all net revenues are placed into innumerable Restorative Natural Systems Banking accounts to be spread to organizations who benefit the planet Earth and her non-Human inhabitants; to provide whatever help (energy) is needed to restore nature to balance.

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