Current Projects

Community Fuel

Here are some of the most important projects that your support is fueling:

  • “The Bee DVD” educational DVD title release (Goal: National)
  • “Educational Fundraising Poster” (Goal: Local, Regional, National)
  • “Bee-Friendly” Grocery Shelf Labeling Program (Goal: Local, Regional, National) 
  • “Bee Songs” music CD (Goal: Local Bay Area, Albuquerque, and Phoenix Valley)
  • 501 (c) non-profit status filing fees for Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) 
  • “Bee Sweet” Specialty Cookie Sales Program (Goal: Local)
  • “Bee Sweet Tea” Specialty Cafe Beverages Labeling Program (Goal: Local)
  • “Beers for Bees” Bottling and Labeling Program (Goal: Local, Regional)
  • “Pizza for Pollinators” Box Labeling Program (Goal: Local, Regional)

Save Bees By Voting With Your Dollars.  Please support’s purpose!  When you purchase products and services through, all of the money that is made by from your purchase will benefit planetary restoration projects and local and regional community support programs.

Together, we have everything to gain!

About the projects that your purchases are helping to fund.  Retail sales of the products and services found at will directly benefit Pollinator Support Movement’s (PSM) creative public awareness programs.


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