Berkeley CA Ballot Report

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott  |  Alisha is a writer and social activist, and the 2012 Founder of Pollinator Support Movement PSM. 

Perhaps you already read about Don “Bee”, and his contribution to the community and pollinators of Berkeley, California? Don, whose real name is Donald Hughes, has been working daily to get enough signatures on a proposed ballot measure that would seriously restrict and in some cases ban the neonicotinoid pesticide chemicals that are shown throughout the world to be destroying bees, and pollinators of all types.

You could say that Don “Bee” is the Bay Area PSM Collective chapter president. Recently, I added Don Bee to the list of approved authors for the PSM website (, and have invited him to post about his work and daily experiences. (You know, just in case I can’t cover it as quickly as he needs help with.)

To reach Don directly, or to offer help, E-Mail to:

If you would like to sign-up to be a part of the bee-saving collective known as Pollinator Support Movement, please click here.

Collecting signatures is energy-consuming work in Berkeley, CA

Collecting signatures at a farmers market is energy-consuming work in Berkeley, CA. Don is wearing his signature bee costume. He’s been known not to leave home without it.

The deadlines for signatures collection was originally May 5, 2014 (yesterday). But, Don says that the Berkeley City Council is supposed to be meeting soon, and discuss whether or not to allow Don’s proposed initiative more time to collect signatures.

When asked about his work, Don says: “Whether we get the deadline extended or not, we will still keep gathering signatures for the next election. We will pressure politicians and persuade people. We will not stop until neonicotinoid pesticides are banned.” 

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One of Don's original PSM community education flyers © 2012 Pollinator Support Movement

One of Don’s original yellow-colored PSM community education flyers © 2012 Pollinator Support Movement

More About Don

To properly say THANK YOU to Don for his incredible community work, I’d like to praise some of his other talents and projects. What I like about Don, personally, are his abilities to draw, and to talk to people into being peaceful. When I was living in the Bay Area, and attempting to launch Pollinator Support Movement in October of 2012, Don was THE FIRST PERSON that stepped-up to help. PSM is forever indebted to Don’s community organization and public speaking abilities.

Did you know that Don has OTHER names, too? It’s true! As an established black belt and instructor in Ninpo Taijutsu, Don is also known as Sensei. And, when he is performing in public as an entertainer, he is known as Dragon Master (“the world’s first Choose Your Own Adventure (series) rock and roll artist”). If you are in the East Bay area of San Francisco, CA, look Don up!

Don Bee with a beard in 2012 © 2014 Pollinator Support Movement

Don Bee with a beard in 2012 © 2014 Pollinator Support Movement

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Inviting Your Personal-Business

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott  |  Founder of Pollinator Support Movement PSM

I am a social activist for the cause of saving and restoring bees and the food supply chain. I am a writer, artist, and entrepreneur with a large network of artist-run creative and professional businesses that have agreed to a collective project to save the bees. We are in the midst of linking assets, in order to launch a public art and educational collective. We will focus on creative storytelling, and sustainable educational systems development. I would like to talk more with other professional services providers about part of a possible crowd funding project. If you’re interested, please contact me at, or by my E-Mail to

Thank You & Sincerely,

Alisha “Bee”


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Oak Creek in Sedona

Oak Creek in Sedona

Dragon Master of DVD Cover Art

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

Known in the Bay Area CA as Dragon Master, performance artist and activist Don “Bee” Hughes has agreed to design the cover art for the upcoming PSM educational DVD release, “Bee-Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013”.  I had the sincere pleasure of working with Don in 2012 to produce 11-weeks of “Weekly Wednesday Peaceful Protests” in Berkeley CA.  Don “Bee” is a multi-talented artist who created many of the popular handmade flyers and signs for PSM.

Don "Bee" and school kids © 2012 PSM

Don “Bee” Hughes and students meeting on the streets of Berkeley CA © 2012 PSM

Insider Note

Look for a Dragon Master exclusive music feature on the upcoming PSM Indiegogo educational DVD fundraising campaign video.  If you love bees, and hate what is happening to them, you will appreciate Dragon Master.

A Don Hughes PSM Flyer © 2012 Pollinator Support Movement

A Don Hughes PSM Flyer © 2012 PSM


Alisha Bee is Queen B © 2013 Pollinator Support Movement

Alisha Bee © 2013 Pollinator Support Movement

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott 

Last night, a friend who is an expert musician announced to me that he was interested in working in collaboration to create and produce a song about the crisis of the bees that may be used in my endeavors to positively promote bees.  This is great news!

Last night’s experience reminded me that I should public announce plans for an upcoming “BeeSongs” fundraising music album.  This concept has been in the works since the official launch of Pollinator Support Movement last fall 2012.

The “BeeSongs” album release date is not yet set.  Genres set to be included in the first BeeSongs album (from the artists mentioned above) include: grass rap, hip-hop, death metal, world, alt-pop, waltz, and rock.

There are currently eight musical artists that have agreed to participate; from the Phoenix valley and Sedona in Arizona, from Albuquerque, from the Bay Area of northern California, and from the wild west Bay Area of northern California.

Want to Play?

Are you a musician or in service to the music industry?  If you would like to learn more about working with me on the “BeeSongs” fundraising musical album release project, here is what to plan for:

  1. Decide what you want to do.
  2. If you are a musician, you can create lyrics, a song, musical concept, or pre-production audio recording that features content which promote bees.  Creations may be of any musical genre, and should be less than ten minutes in length.  If this scenario describes you, please use the contact form below to let me know about your interest.
  3. If you would like to donate time and expertise, resources (any item, service, or processes needed to get an online music album to sell), or currency (to cover any real costs), please use the contact form below to let me know about your interest.