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  1. We have farmed all my life. My Dad in his 80’s is the local bee man with my brother who has continue the family trade. We had some bees here on highway 60 but lost most of the hives. My brother moved the remaining ones to his place the Bensford area and he lost some them this winter( but not as many as out toward the Franklinton area.) Here’s the problem. Even without bee hive we had wild black bees and bumblebees and wild bees, so our garden continued to be sucessful until this year 2013.Our tomatoes and cucumbers were covered with flower yet only got 4 deformed cucumbers and 5 tomatoes. We see NO black bees, NO wild bees and don’t even see bumble bees or wasp. They usually are on wildflowers and everywhere. I constantly dipped them out of the pool last year. THIS year NONE in pool. We live a mile off the road in a forest area owned by Warehauser,a timber producer, they have been randomly spraying due to beetle infestation after Katrina. We go inside when they fetilizer or spray tree because some comes over on our land. I wish I knew who could investigate to see why the bees have disappeared. We will try bringing bees in next year but I’m afraid we’ll lose them also, and this is one thing we can not afford to do. My brother provides 90 percent of the honey in this area.


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