Personal Membership

Personal Membership + FREE to join

Educate yourself and take action in the ways that you are able. 

If you feel that it is time for you to join an important bees-saving unification movement now, then please click here to complete an official PSM Personal Membership form.

Mutual Personal Membership Terms

Each statement below represents the firm points of the Pollinator Support Movement’s Personal Membership Agreement.

Please do not complete the form if you are unwilling to agree to these terms:

  1. By placing your name on this list you are agreeing to allow PSM to publicly list your name as a bee-loving human!
  2. This program is appropriate for all-ages.
  3. In exchange for your public support, we will post your name online at the PSM website blog and social media affiliates.
  4. Your name will be listed online in order of response, in perpetuum (forever).
  5. Please note that this is not a mailing list sign-up form.
  6. This program supports individuals, and is not a corporate sponsorship program.
  7. By joining, PSM promises to never sell your information for any reason, ever.
  8. PSM reserves the right to exclude the weblink option which you provide.

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