“You Can’t Do Nothing, Literally”

There is a lot of talk online and offline about how humans are on the brink of extinction, along with many other hundreds of species leaving existence each year. But no real worries, because brave people who love life will always end-up DOing the little things “at home” which are making positively major shifts in their own lives; making leaps and bounds within a short amount of time.

Changing Earth Again

Changing Earth Again by Alisha Bee (c)

FACT: Americans still dream of Mayberry

Have you ever seen or visited a faraway farmhouse that you LOVE? Or looked at a painting or picture of this timeless scene?  I wonder, what did you love about that “snapshot” of life? I have experienced several versions of farmhouses, and what bonds me to that reality is: the wholesome and filling foods which are grown, the wild animals which encroach, the simple peace and stillness of a natural setting, the clean water (assumption), and the sustainable designs which help the farmhouse to grow old and loved.

In my reality on this planet, the truth is evident… there is actually a ton of positive “farmlives” being lived. I see a massive shift already having occurred, and now every farmer’s little-big dreams are coming true in each moment. The truth is that sustainable “farmlife” investments are real and available to everyone. These lives are actually like portals into another dimension. If you know anything about rewards of stewarding safe and natural environments (which naturally protect and encourage pollination processes), then you are likely a fan of wholesome energy and nourishing foods, environmental beauty, natural mysteries, odd creatures, and otherworldly plant life.

Alan Watts and human relationships to life

Regarding our control and abuse of nature, it may be true that we cannot directly control what we’ve already done to change and stress the forces of natural Nature. And perhaps our collective consequences are left to education, planning, fate, chance, and technology.

“To act without feeling is to believe that your actions are separate from Nature. “You have to have space to be alone, as to not become a rubber stamp. The unity of man and the universe is not a loss or a merging of personality, in something impersonal. It’s more like the fact that when personality is known and experienced as an expression of the whole cosmos, then the person comes individual in the spirit of an un-carved block.” Alan Watts

I read once that you CAN’T control consequences, but that YOU CAN control your choices. And, you can make positive choices, to ensure that you’re experiencing the best-possible and most positively-charged results you desire. But, I’m NOT talking about trying to change what we CANNOT seemingly control. I’m highlighting my true love for the ideas which drive the DOers to create positive changes throughout life at all levels, and everywhere.

I believe that I meet people every day, who know for a certain that life is beautiful. I talk to a lot of “bee people”, and everyone seems to feel that Bees would be “fine” if humans weren’t around. Life would go on just fine without us. BUT, I do NOT want this. I want to live in harmony with Nature and Bees. I want to be an “US” with Nature, because I already feel that I Am experiencing this. I do not want this incredible gift of merging with all the life around me, to be ceased without necessity. In essence, just like you are obviously not going extinct today, right this very moment; and that I am not going to today either; then, I will simply not believe that the Bees are going extinct today either.

I am saying that — humanity and bees have one secret and MAJOR last card to play. Our card is a sure-fire WIN with endless gains for anyone on the team, and these GAINS begin with your own Positive Attitude Adjustment. Have you ever questioned why you are living the way you are, here and existing in a body that has a life, here on Earth? Since we only ever have a today, and then if I have my free will, instead I will that the Bees are going to adapt faster and allow us to work WITH them in a more honoring way. 🙂 If you’ve ever had the inclination to “save” something beautiful in Nature, then start with yourself, Wild Ones! I am not “just going along” with anyone else’s ideas here, and neither should you.

What if you could dream alive your dream reality?

We can literally and figuratively change any of our cultural collective’s negatively-projected fates, by very simple choosing and decided to re/train ourself (only) to accept positively-uplifting lifestyles. We only need each worry about ourselves here, because you cannot ever fully control someone else’s brain and thoughts and dreams.


“It’s one thing to be happy, and not know it. For your reflections in your life experience show you what you know, that you know.” Alan Watts

Do you BEE-lieve that you, personally, are actually real and living a mysterious miracle? What about the other people around you? Do you see them as real people living our their fantasy lives? How attached or detached are you from the experiences that would help you know if and how others are actually living their lives?

If we can choose to do something to improve our very own lives, even if it’s just to prove to a higher power that we love our life, then the energy of hope will always remain available to our ways of life.

We humans are SO beautiful, and SO connected to other life, and SO good at dancing!! We are SO good at researching and telling stories about what we learn!! We are SO able to cultivate health and teach each other about anything we need to know!!  So, great idea: how about we change any negative human race trajectory, just because we want to and because we can? Why wouldn’t we?? 🙂

Recently, a friend of a friend won the lottery. Another friend is newly cured of their cancer using food as medicine. I just signed a contract to produce a bees media edu-tainment program. Tell me then, how can ridiculously good news like this exist in a naturally negative future? They can’t! The now is positively positive, if that’s you’re thing! Being positively charged is definitely my thing, because life seems easier this way.

In regards to the range of “miracles” which happen each day, do you still ever feel negative energy in your body or mind? Do you notice that your thoughts become snappy or un-kind, and that you are actually mentally attacking yourself for not being perfect or smarter, or…? YES?! Well, YES!! You’ve done a great thing by catching yourself! This is a great awareness to have, so that you can CHANGE the way you’re feeling.

Letting loose of the negative knit-picking

What happens when the bad news that you’ve been given, ends-up being much less terrible than you originally had believed? For me, my body stops tensing, I stop holding my breath and actually start breathing, and I ultimately stop thinking negative and worried thoughts. In contrast to miracles, are you ever annoyed with feeling negative energy in yourself and as you hang around others? Are you exhausted from always talking (and hearing talk) about how humans and nature are f*cked beyond repair?

Do you want to become positive and feel more joy and calm? If you were able to, do you want to feel positive energy about the direction that you are taking our own life? Would you like to learn to more easily recognize the positive realities being lived within our own life and the lives of our families, friends, and local community members?

Let’s NOT allow each of our minds to become negativity storehouse which kill joy and human spirit, simply because we are thinking that something is “too whatever!” to actually be happening?! We must get out of our own heads, and begin to express our thoughts with those around us. Thinking is NOT as powerful as DOing something. We are so uber powerful as humans with massive brains that we can DO and process whatever we need to, or order to change negative trajectory.

Simple 3 Ideas To Adjust Your Own Negative Attitude (if needed)

Our human moods of nostalgia, of feeling emptiness after joy, and of experiencing the consequences of our choices, are all very important to us, as a global people, to experience. A philosophy of life which I like is that: If we don’t know the feelings of love, then we won’t know what it is that we love to feel.

Then next time you “catch yourself in the act” of being a sassy person full of zip and outward punishment, then do yourself a favor by performing this 60 second brain re/training exercise on yourself. This easy 3 step personal exercise can help you to re/gain control of your conscious attitude, by re/training your sub-conscious mind to identify and will love. (You’ll be like your own brain doctor.)

How about we really let loose and start dreaming BIG BIG BIG positive changes into reality?

Step 1) When you find that you are being negative, or if you are told that you’re being negative, just take a moment to stand UP out of your seat. Yes, what I’m saying is that you should first physically stand-UP. (If you are not already standing.) Just try it. 🙂 Great job! You are well on your way to liberating yourself from passivity and negativity.

Step 2) Hold or go and stand in front of a clean mirror. OK, now that you are standing looking in the mirror, stop checking yourself out, and just give yourself permission to look at yourself. Go ahead and muster a smile, and say “Nice to see you now.”

Final Step 3) Look at yourself, and watch yourself say the words: “It is okay for me to believe that my life can be healthy, fulfilling, and fun. I believe in living a healthy, fulfilling, and fun life. I am living a life of natural beauty, regeneration, and joyful awarenesses.” Come on… just try it. In fact, there is a long list of studies which show that “mirror work” changes your self-perceptions and helps you to realize your beliefs.”

To paraphrase philosopher Alan Watts: “There are Yogis who share ideas of what happens (energetically) when you’re a perfect human, performing as the ideal. In the human existence, there is a state of detachment which always will contains a little bit of resistance to achieving a perfect peace; there is a certain clinging, still. But, in order to stay in the body, a human must make mistakes. Otherwise, he would leave his body. It is the human perception of experiencing a touch of regret that life is fleeting. If you don’t, then you are capable of compassion to people that very much regret that life is fleeting.”

If you want a video example (because you are a video junkie like over 70% of Americans out there lol), then here is a good example of positively helpful mirror work prompts that can work wonders for healing negativity and uplifts you by changing away from your negative or “stuck” brain patterns.


Why Businesses Must Bee-Friendly

Why I Believe That All Businesses Must Save The Bees Which Benefit The Communities Of Their Consumers

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott  |  Alisha is a writer, artist, and social entrepreneur.  And, she is a Creative Director at Sedona Advertising Agency (SAA). 

The original post found here, at Alisha’s Blog: http://alishatheexplorer.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/why-businesses-must-bee-friendly/

Especially in the economically fragile united states, if the bees continue to die-out so rapidly, I believe that free trade and doing “fair” business will not survive. There will be ZERO business if the real people like you and I lose public access to the nourishing foods that bees pollinate. Businesses of all sizes, and especially the businesses of government, must each save themselves (even corporate persons) by helping to save the bees and other pollinators. Businesses may save the bees in their areas if they immediately cease the usage of household, landscape, and agricultural chemical pesticides and insecticides. Most of these common chemical products are much too potent for “the good bugs”.

Insects which rely upon pollination for their food source/existence are being killed without grace by toxic levels of chemicals. Including, unprotected ground water, many natural resources upon which the eco-system exists are being extinguished and poisoned from these same chemicals. These same chemicals are also sprayed on national “conventional” grocery store produce. These chemicals are already proven by many scientific and health experts to be causing a myriad of pandemic health abnormalities in a wide range of humans all over the planet Earth.

“Do You Like Food? No Bees, No Food!” 

As Americans, to many inside and outside of our country, it seems that our citizens are under-educated about the human body and agriculture. We allow genetically engineered and non-nourishing foods to line our grocery shelves, and serve each other toxic fluoride water from our faucets. And, “offline” we do not riot about any of it at all.

Businesses are owned and managed by people like you, and like me. We are flesh and bone, and are ignoring the simple fact that our human bodies WILL DIE from diseases without the wholesome foods which bees pollinate. Business investors, owners, and managers should NOW AT ONCE help to save their businesses and personal legacies by saving their pollinators! Why businesses? They currently have A LOT more resources like money and land than all of the combined working-class people do.

Rainbow Astronaut concept (c) 2014 Alisha Forrester Scott

A Real Me

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

View the original post at http://alishatheexplorer.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/a-real-me/.

Hi, each and all.  This is Alisha, the helpful, artistic, comedic, offline human that’s typing.  First, Thank You for your interest in my blog productions.

I enjoy furthering my exploration of digital media capture, and the rest of the creative production processes associated with running blogs for non-profit organizations.

Alisha Bee Self Portrait © 2013

Alisha Bee Self Portrait © 2013

Updates and New Truth

Ready, Set, Grow the Non-Profit!  I am nearly ready to launch a SLEW of mega-uber-fabulous “retail fundraising” products and professional services; featuring the amazing people behind the products and professional services.

I am trying to bee brave.  Plainly spoken: I am trying my best not to sabotage ANYTHING because of fear, budget, and past personal experiences.  Forgetting fear, budget, and past personal experiences, I am treating my time with Pollinator Support Movement like a fresh and shiny and whole-sum happy peaceful unity green-friendly sustainable abundant bright orb.  That is to say, I am attempting not to pre-judge anything or anyone, while responding in my own spoken and creatively expressed truth.  I have found that, ultimately, my pre-judgments unnecessarily meddle and influence what my actual final decision is.

YAY! Great News.  100% Net of the “Alisha Bee Presents” online fundraising sales supports the expansion of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

In a very personal way, I have uncovered a new personal truth.  Which is that:  I want to use my own voice sometimes, too.  Typically, I blog in limited personal narrative or photojournalistic style.  This type of writing is fun for me, and I get to practice “sticking with the facts”.  Sometimes, I write under the name, “Alisha the Explorer” to sensually explore and feature my personal education and growth experiences in a more narrative creative writing style.  And so, I am going to include posts using the “me style”, which feels more comfortable and authentic to me, because I feel happy to. 🙂 🙂

❤ Bees and Creative Whole-sum Sustainable Lifestyles. ❤

Stay Tuned

LOTS more to share, but for now, thanks for reading, and check back often, and tell your everyone about my quest to save and restore bees and the food supply chain!  And, If you have not yet visited me at my Alisha’s Blog blog website, you are soooo invited to do that.

Reach Me

in other online realms I am also known as:

  1. Alisha Bee Valley Girl (My sustainably-conscious Alter-Ego and NEW brand name)
  2. Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott (Me, the person)
  3. Alisha M. Forrester Scott (My legal name, professional career, and artist copyright names)
  4. Alisha Forrester Scott (seen in public media releases and mentions)
  5. AFS (My monogram)
  6. Alisha the Explorer of Alisha’s Blog (My sassy-pants nickname)
  7. MC Queen B (My “grass rap” performance artist name), and who can forget
  8. Bee Lady (Founder, Pollinator Support Movement)

Bee-Related Art

Originally posted as “New Art and Music Introductions” at Alisha’s Blog on 9-2-2013.

10 x 15: "Progress is Chief Joseph Bee Pacman" © 2013

10 x 15: “Chief Joseph Bee Pacman” © 2013

USA War History Lesson

Since spring 2012, I have been subconsciously immersed in the idea of reviving the spirit of Chief Joseph, and using a pop art style to share that spirit.  If you’ll remember, Chief Joseph is the Nez Perce leader that watched his people be forcibly removed from their ancestral lands in Oregon.  By 1877, the US government had murdered a lot of Nez Perce, and had also contributed to their great suffering over a very harsh winter without even basic provisions.  And then, when almost everyone in Chief “Young” Joseph’s community was dead, he formally surrendered to United States of America General Nelson Appleton Miles on October 5, 1877, in what is now Montana.  At that moment Chief Joseph is said to have spoken:

“I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are killed; Looking Glass is dead, Too-hul-hul-sote is dead. The old men are all dead. It is the young men who say yes or no. He who led on the young men is dead. It is cold, and we have no blankets; the little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are—perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children, and see how many of them I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead. Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

New Art Introductions

Watercolor & India Ink No. 1 (not shown)

Both of my new watercolors are in honor of Chief Joseph’s harsh lesson of tyrannical war.  The first piece, “Game Over: Chief Joseph Bee Pacman” (not shown) was inspired by a colored-markers sketch that I had made in spring 2012, while living in Oakland, CA.  This piece is adorned with calligraphy, and reads: “Hear me!  I am tired.  I will fight no more Forever.”  In addition to my liking of the Pac-Man franchise, I also am tickled at the idea of “my Pacman” telling the Ghosts that he will not be fighting them anymore.

Watercolor & India Ink No. 2 (shown)

The second piece, “Progress is Chief Joseph Bee Pacman”, is my attempt at creating a little Nez Perce Bee honoring Chief Joseph.  For this piece, I intentionally mixed colors that are traditionally used by the Nez Perce (Ex: red, light blue, gold, black, white).  This piece is not quite finished, and needs some lettering, which will read: “Chief Joseph Bee Pacman: he is tired and he will fight no more forever”.

This second piece will soon be available for sale at the forthcoming “Alisha Bee Presents” retail fundraising shop at OpenSky.com.  At the new online fundraising retail shop, I will offer this print as a art high-definition postcard, to raise funds for my work with Pollinator Support Movement.   Chief Joseph Bee Pacman for Peace and Bees!

Vital Press Release (RR)

Alisha Bee’s Restorative Retail (RR) Plan To Free the Bees

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Restorative Retail (RR)

A Gift of Seeds © 2013 Alisha Bee

A Gift of Seeds © 2013 Alisha Bee

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, Founder of Pollinator Support Movement

September 2013

Phoenix, Arizona

On behalf of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM), a new retail fundraising website is launching.  PSM founder, Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, calls her Restorative Retail (RR) plan, “…an attempt to streamline contemporary commerce, for the purpose of funding sustainable business start-ups and community education and wellness initiatives.  And, to save and restore the bees and the food supply chain.”

The “Restorative Retail” commerce model

The commerce model by which PSM operates is called “Restorative Retail” — which Forrester Scott calls “the Future of Peaceful Commerce”.  By description, the (RR) program is an economic template for doing sustainable and responsible business.  The (RR) new commerce model supports the PSM collective, an all-inclusive network of people who care, and their direct communities, and will operate as a non-profit organization.

Ultimately, like any “online and large box retailer”, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) collective collects revenues from retail sales, wholesaler affiliations, subscriptions, and trade contributions.  Retail fundraising purchases and contributions are collected by PSM, and funds pooled into a sole, Global Solidarity Fund.  Once traditional cost of business deductions are made, net profits are then bifurcated with:

50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For People”

  • 50% of all net revenues placed into innumerable Community Banking accounts to be spread to and employed by all people in need on planet Earth, wherever they may reside; to provide whatever help (energy) people need in order to restore balance, install sustainable creative-alternative economies, provide public community forum, and free lifetime education, so that all may flourish in peaceful and progressive resonance.
50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For Planet”
  • 50% of all net revenues are placed into innumerable Restorative Natural Systems Banking accounts to be spread to organizations who benefit the planet Earth and her non-Human inhabitants; to provide whatever help (energy) is needed to restore nature to balance.

COMING SOON… “Alisha Bee Presents” opens for retail fundraising business at OpenSky.com

Please support Alisha Bee’s purpose!  When you purchase products and services online through the “Alisha Bee Presents” retail fundraising shop, all of the money (net) that is made from your purchases will allow Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) to create and provide the necessary financial support to create and fund sustainable projects for local and regional North American communities (and beyond).

For Planet. For People. For Purpose.  “Alisha Bee Presents” online retail fundraising at OpenSky.com is being launched to provide major funding for the creative awareness projects produced by Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).  The “Alisha Bee Presents” online retail fundraising shop is donating 100% (net) of its proceeds to Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).  Of that total percentage, 50% (half!) of net gains will directly fund planetary restoration projects.  The other 50% (half!) of net gains will directly fund community support and improvement projects.

How the “Alisha Bee Presents” online retail fundraising shop at OpenSky.com Works.  Please support Alisha Bee’s mission to save and restore bees and the food supply chain!  When you purchase products and services through “Alisha Bee Presents“, all of the money that is made from your purchases will benefit planetary restoration projects and local and regional community support programs.  With your support, AlishaBee.com is going to help PSM to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.

Save Bees By Shopping Online.  If you regularly shop online, consider spending your money at “Alisha Bee Presents“.  Shop online like you do at any other online retailer.  But, unlike other online retailers, your money spent does not go towards executives and shareholders-only.  Instead, Alisha Bee gives all the money to projects that benefits communities and the planet Earth.  By combining our nations online purchasing power together, we have everything to gain!

Click here to read more about the projects that AlishaBee.com is currently working towards funding.

Click here to read all about my public relations work on behalf of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

Contact Alisha M. Forrester Scott at (978) 254-7428 is (978) ALISHA-8, or, E-Mail to: alishatheexplorer@gmail.com.

Gracious Goodness

Food As Medicine: True Story

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Up until November 2012, I was living well below the poverty line in the toxic industrial wasteland that is Fruitvale, East Oakland, California.  Granted, I was living in community at Vulcan Studios with a couple hundred of the most interesting people that I have ever imagined, and was arguably happy.

During a Thanksgiving 2012 visit to my hometown, Arizona, I had the opportunity to visit the home office of holistic nurse practitioner, Brandi Owens.  I had decided that I needed to find out what was going on with my health.  Within a few months prior, I had noticed a change in my skin tone and eye color, and unwanted hair and weight loss.

Click here for a related post.

During my visit to Brandi, and up until the moment that we reviewed the results of my thermographic scan, it is my opinion that I had been eating and drinking like a normal American (irresponsibly).  Poor quality meats, a ton of inexpensive and internationally-imported produce, and regularly drinking unfiltered water in an area that was known for water toxicity.

The results of my thermographic scan were, in a word, “severe”.  My kidney was in “severe” peril.  My circulation was showing reversal in several areas around my body, and increased fever in my abdomen indicated bacterial infection and potential food allergies.  And so that day, I flew back to northern California feeling thankful but confused, and determined to reverse the serious condition of my health.


Back at home in the bay area,  I found myself working with multiple practitioners to determine the best course of healing action.  I quickly moved out of my toxic residence, and In my conversation and research, I was pointed in the direction of using food as medicine to detoxify my blood.  Specifically, I was referred to a book and diet called “Eat Right For (4) Your Type” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney.  My blood type is in the A category, and the book is very specific about the types of foods that affect my blood, and how.

Within 30 days of eating only the foods and types of water that wholly nourished my body, my recovery was becoming more physically evident.  My eyes were clearer, my hair had stopped falling out, my skin tone evened, and my weight loss had stopped, reversed, and regulated itself.

Within 60 days of eating the foods that nourished my body, and by taking whole food and nutritional supplements, I felt great!  I was noticeably more confident and felt less depressed, and I even felt my mind perk-up.  (Overall, my daily energy levels lifted-off the charts!)

Habitual Importance

Having moved to Albuquerque in April 2013 to work on the BeeSWeek 2013 project, my environment was new, and filled with fun people and tasty temptation.  Within just three weeks of arriving in-town, I ultimately wavered and then crashed from my success in dietary consistency.

Within 30 days of moving away from my health-conscious routine, I felt less happy and more frustrated.  My weight was staying the same, but the shape of my arms and shape of my lower body seemed to be changing.

Within 60 days of eating and drinking irresponsibly, just like my old, regular American self, I was fully distressed and having a hard time falling asleep.  I felt depressed, and my personal frustrations began to turn towards anger.

Positive Influence

I observe that I am deeply influenced by my environment and community.  And so, when I am able to live amongst others who value internal physical health, I feel supported and encouraged to continue making healthy food choices.

This week marks my fourth week being “back on” my nourishing diet.  Although, I still occasionally find myself thinking of cheating on my self with cane and beat sugars, crazy-delicious carbohydrates and gluten, the way that my body is currently feeling is giving me the confidence to stay progressive.  I believe that I can personally develop a permanent dietary habit that will provide long-term benefits.  Simply said, I am doing the work to stay consistent in my daily dietary practice.

Saving The Bees to Save My Own Self

My diet is primarily vegetarian.  This simple truth indeed humbles me.  And, I am grateful for the many types of bees that provide pollination of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices that I eat in order to stay healthy.

Here’s an online petition to ban the Neonicotinoid chemicals that are killing bees, if you are interested:  https://secure.avaaz.org/en/usa_save_the_bees/?deXMSdb


Honey beekeeper Tomas Urrea © 2013


Alisha Bee is Queen B © 2013 Pollinator Support Movement

Alisha Bee © 2013 Pollinator Support Movement

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott 

Last night, a friend who is an expert musician announced to me that he was interested in working in collaboration to create and produce a song about the crisis of the bees that may be used in my endeavors to positively promote bees.  This is great news!

Last night’s experience reminded me that I should public announce plans for an upcoming “BeeSongs” fundraising music album.  This concept has been in the works since the official launch of Pollinator Support Movement last fall 2012.

The “BeeSongs” album release date is not yet set.  Genres set to be included in the first BeeSongs album (from the artists mentioned above) include: grass rap, hip-hop, death metal, world, alt-pop, waltz, and rock.

There are currently eight musical artists that have agreed to participate; from the Phoenix valley and Sedona in Arizona, from Albuquerque, from the Bay Area of northern California, and from the wild west Bay Area of northern California.

Want to Play?

Are you a musician or in service to the music industry?  If you would like to learn more about working with me on the “BeeSongs” fundraising musical album release project, here is what to plan for:

  1. Decide what you want to do.
  2. If you are a musician, you can create lyrics, a song, musical concept, or pre-production audio recording that features content which promote bees.  Creations may be of any musical genre, and should be less than ten minutes in length.  If this scenario describes you, please use the contact form below to let me know about your interest.
  3. If you would like to donate time and expertise, resources (any item, service, or processes needed to get an online music album to sell), or currency (to cover any real costs), please use the contact form below to let me know about your interest.