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Joseph Campbell Quote (c) All Rights Reserved

Joseph Campbell Quote (c) All Rights Reserved

Discounts For Growing Bees! And Thanks To A Smart Pollinator Support Movement Member!

Someone in the Pollinator Support Movement community just did a very good thing… they decided to take a risk and get personally-involved with growing “stingless” solitary bees! YES!!

When YOU finally decide to help repopulate pollinators in your immediate area, you are helping to keep your community and local gardeners eating and gardening.

Volunteer your money and your personal energy to this task, and get 5% off at when you use promo code alishabee2015. When you purchase, Pollinator Support Movement gets a product credit, so that we can purchase equipment for local organic farms who need the pollination help!

Bees are still dying faster than we can stop. Please learn more at There’s a lot to know.


Drink a Green Drink

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SoundCloud: BNN Bees News Network – Sep 22 2013 – Episode No. 1 “Drink a Green Drink

Hear this piece as a recorded audio blog podcast, with show host “Alisha Bee”, at the newly-launched BNN Bees News Network; online exclusively at SoundCloud.

“Drink a Green Drink”

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott 

This coming Thanksgiving marks the one year anniversary that my lifestyle changed forever.  Last November, I was living in east Oakland CA (Fruitvale).  As I visited Mesa AZ for my family’s annual Thanksgiving feast, I was already cognizant that my hair was brittle and falling out.  My skin was aging rapidly, I was losing weight, and I was unable to stop that from happening.  I did not tell anyone about what I noticed, because I felt so upset about it.  Even though I was the only one that could tell that my hair was brittle and falling out, I was accustomed to looking younger than my age, and I was becoming boney thin.  I was very unhappy.

I took several modern medical tests in the office of an experienced holistic nurse practitioner, the day of my flight back to CA from AZ.  Test results from an in-office thermographic scan revealed that I was the owner of a toxic kidney, and living with blood that was full of heavy metals.  The report listed the degree of my kidney toxicity as “severe”.  The report also listed that I had a bacterial infection in my abdomen, with signs of wheat and dairy allergies, and poor overall circulation.  I was poisoned, inside.  I thought, “Um… what the…??!!”  And thus, my reality and perspective instantly changed.

Poisoned At Home

Sitting in my nurse’s office, reviewing and discussing my test results, I felt very confused and fearful of what I needed to do next.  I realize now that my confusion was steeped in the mystery of what I had done “wrong to make all of this happen”.  Living in the Bay Area without a vehicle, I had walked to and fro, on an almost daily basis.  And, I looked fit.  Wasn’t that healthy?  Without personal transportation or much money for food, I had been actively trying to avoid the nastiest of the fallible east Oakland ghetto food supply (whenever possible).  But, instinctually I knew that the low-quality meats, produce, and sugar snacks that I had been consuming were part of the problem.

Before I left her office that day, my nurse practitioner and I discussed the various ways that I had likely developed the heavy metals poisoning.  The short answer: at home; in my own space.  You see, I had been living at the infamous Vulcan Studios in the east Oakland ghetto.  I had been practicing life in a tightly-knit community that (still) houses 150+ of the west coast’s finest artists, musicians, and professional entertainers.  My home was vitally important to my emotional well-being.  I loved the variety and diversity of the Vulcan community.

While I had been living at the Vulcan, I learned from official city bulletins and local community residents that I was living in an area built upon and surrounded by dumped industrial waste.  I had also learned that the water supply was unhealthy.  I knew that the Vulcan warehouse buildings had once been foundries (metal melting buildings).  It is likely that metal particulates are still present in the buildings, and in the air.  To top it off, my nervous system was already imbalanced from a traumatic event, and I was experiencing very high levels of anxiety every day.  

Pleased to have been validated in my health concerns, and finally diagnosed (just barely avoiding all sorts of disasters), I flew back to Oakland.  I remember wanting nothing more than to make all of the bad news about my body and living situation disappear.  I was heart-broken at the realization that the fastest way for me to stop damaging my body was to move out of my home at the Vulcan.  But, I was going to have to do the healing work and I was going to have to move away from my friends and community.  There was no way around it.  Without health insurance, I was now tasked to literally save my own life.  

Internal Health

Since the intensity of that confusing time last November 2012, I have actively participated in the positive alteration of my lifestyle.  My general intention and focus to heal and thrive has allowed me to begin discovering the benefits of food as medicine.  As humans, we ALL have one thing in common: food.  Even if you are a spiritual master that consumes energy from the sun, you still require some food.  

My destroyed health was a blessing in disguise, and I find it exciting that my personal health and wellness goals have fully intersected with my life’s work to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.  Without bees, we do not have nourishing foods available to prevent our guts and organs from toxicity and decomposition.  

Reality Check

Throughout my early life, I competed in both individual and team sports.  As an adult I have remained athletic, and have “tried to stay in-shape”.  The more I learn about actual health, the more I am learning that being in-shape externally — that is, how you look — may relate very little to your actual internal health.  Without proper nutrition, even if YOU are a fit, thin, beautiful human, you are likely still unhealthy.  Especially, and simply, just by living in a modern America.  

Currently, I am enjoying work as a consultant in residency with Rejuvenation and Performance Institute (RPI) at Grace Grove in the Sedona AZ area.  And recently, my colleague, Emily Neumann presented me with a mid-morning “green drink” (blended foods beverage).  Emily’s health-wise beverage contained yellow chard, carrots, parsley, cilantro, cucumbers, ginger, and collard greens.  

Did my mid-morning green drink taste sweet?  No, not particularly.  Did it make me feel high, and full of energy?  Yes.  Was it my favorite meal ever?  No.  

Green Drink © 2013 Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Green Drink © 2013 Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Lifestyle and Education Upgrades

I am learning to be brave, literally trust my gut (which is no longer inflamed from gluten and dairy intake), and be more present and disciplined.  As I work diligently with RPI to progress their humanitarian agenda to detoxify bodies, I look forward to experiencing the realities of real internal health, and sharing all of the results and benefits that I experience.

It is a fact that, simply by living in a modern America, I have been legally exposed to GMOs, tainted water (stop using fluoride products and stop drinking your tap water!), and chemical hazards on a daily basis.  I am amazed at all of the bona fide, scientific information about anatomy and wellness that I was never taught.  The amazement that I feel has inspired me to research a variety of detoxifying diets and therapies that are completely new to me.  Using discernment and medically-competent combinations of these diets and therapies, I am learning to live outside of the modern realities of the Standard American Lifestyle.

Am I proud to be consciously living a reality that is separate from that which I had been shown?  Yes.  Do I feel compelled to begin sharing my new conscious and health-wise reality with others that are literally sick and tired of being sick and tired?  100%.

SoundCloud: BNN Bees News Network – Sep 22 2013 – Episode No. 1 “Drink a Green Drink

Hear this piece as a recorded audio blog podcast, with show host “Alisha Bee”, at the newly-launched BNN Bees News Network; online exclusively at SoundCloud.

Dragon Master of DVD Cover Art

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott

Known in the Bay Area CA as Dragon Master, performance artist and activist Don “Bee” Hughes has agreed to design the cover art for the upcoming PSM educational DVD release, “Bee-Friendly: BeeSWeek 2013”.  I had the sincere pleasure of working with Don in 2012 to produce 11-weeks of “Weekly Wednesday Peaceful Protests” in Berkeley CA.  Don “Bee” is a multi-talented artist who created many of the popular handmade flyers and signs for PSM.

Don "Bee" and school kids © 2012 PSM

Don “Bee” Hughes and students meeting on the streets of Berkeley CA © 2012 PSM

Insider Note

Look for a Dragon Master exclusive music feature on the upcoming PSM Indiegogo educational DVD fundraising campaign video.  If you love bees, and hate what is happening to them, you will appreciate Dragon Master.

A Don Hughes PSM Flyer © 2012 Pollinator Support Movement

A Don Hughes PSM Flyer © 2012 PSM

A Real Me

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

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Hi, each and all.  This is Alisha, the helpful, artistic, comedic, offline human that’s typing.  First, Thank You for your interest in my blog productions.

I enjoy furthering my exploration of digital media capture, and the rest of the creative production processes associated with running blogs for non-profit organizations.

Alisha Bee Self Portrait © 2013

Alisha Bee Self Portrait © 2013

Updates and New Truth

Ready, Set, Grow the Non-Profit!  I am nearly ready to launch a SLEW of mega-uber-fabulous “retail fundraising” products and professional services; featuring the amazing people behind the products and professional services.

I am trying to bee brave.  Plainly spoken: I am trying my best not to sabotage ANYTHING because of fear, budget, and past personal experiences.  Forgetting fear, budget, and past personal experiences, I am treating my time with Pollinator Support Movement like a fresh and shiny and whole-sum happy peaceful unity green-friendly sustainable abundant bright orb.  That is to say, I am attempting not to pre-judge anything or anyone, while responding in my own spoken and creatively expressed truth.  I have found that, ultimately, my pre-judgments unnecessarily meddle and influence what my actual final decision is.

YAY! Great News.  100% Net of the “Alisha Bee Presents” online fundraising sales supports the expansion of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

In a very personal way, I have uncovered a new personal truth.  Which is that:  I want to use my own voice sometimes, too.  Typically, I blog in limited personal narrative or photojournalistic style.  This type of writing is fun for me, and I get to practice “sticking with the facts”.  Sometimes, I write under the name, “Alisha the Explorer” to sensually explore and feature my personal education and growth experiences in a more narrative creative writing style.  And so, I am going to include posts using the “me style”, which feels more comfortable and authentic to me, because I feel happy to. 🙂 🙂

❤ Bees and Creative Whole-sum Sustainable Lifestyles. ❤

Stay Tuned

LOTS more to share, but for now, thanks for reading, and check back often, and tell your everyone about my quest to save and restore bees and the food supply chain!  And, If you have not yet visited me at my Alisha’s Blog blog website, you are soooo invited to do that.

Reach Me

in other online realms I am also known as:

  1. Alisha Bee Valley Girl (My sustainably-conscious Alter-Ego and NEW brand name)
  2. Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott (Me, the person)
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Vital Press Release (RR)

Alisha Bee’s Restorative Retail (RR) Plan To Free the Bees

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Restorative Retail (RR)

A Gift of Seeds © 2013 Alisha Bee

A Gift of Seeds © 2013 Alisha Bee

Written by Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, Founder of Pollinator Support Movement

September 2013

Phoenix, Arizona

On behalf of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM), a new retail fundraising website is launching.  PSM founder, Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, calls her Restorative Retail (RR) plan, “…an attempt to streamline contemporary commerce, for the purpose of funding sustainable business start-ups and community education and wellness initiatives.  And, to save and restore the bees and the food supply chain.”

The “Restorative Retail” commerce model

The commerce model by which PSM operates is called “Restorative Retail” — which Forrester Scott calls “the Future of Peaceful Commerce”.  By description, the (RR) program is an economic template for doing sustainable and responsible business.  The (RR) new commerce model supports the PSM collective, an all-inclusive network of people who care, and their direct communities, and will operate as a non-profit organization.

Ultimately, like any “online and large box retailer”, Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) collective collects revenues from retail sales, wholesaler affiliations, subscriptions, and trade contributions.  Retail fundraising purchases and contributions are collected by PSM, and funds pooled into a sole, Global Solidarity Fund.  Once traditional cost of business deductions are made, net profits are then bifurcated with:

50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For People”

  • 50% of all net revenues placed into innumerable Community Banking accounts to be spread to and employed by all people in need on planet Earth, wherever they may reside; to provide whatever help (energy) people need in order to restore balance, install sustainable creative-alternative economies, provide public community forum, and free lifetime education, so that all may flourish in peaceful and progressive resonance.
50% of Net Revenue given to projects “For Planet”
  • 50% of all net revenues are placed into innumerable Restorative Natural Systems Banking accounts to be spread to organizations who benefit the planet Earth and her non-Human inhabitants; to provide whatever help (energy) is needed to restore nature to balance.

COMING SOON… “Alisha Bee Presents” opens for retail fundraising business at

Please support Alisha Bee’s purpose!  When you purchase products and services online through the “Alisha Bee Presents” retail fundraising shop, all of the money (net) that is made from your purchases will allow Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) to create and provide the necessary financial support to create and fund sustainable projects for local and regional North American communities (and beyond).

For Planet. For People. For Purpose.  “Alisha Bee Presents” online retail fundraising at is being launched to provide major funding for the creative awareness projects produced by Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).  The “Alisha Bee Presents” online retail fundraising shop is donating 100% (net) of its proceeds to Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).  Of that total percentage, 50% (half!) of net gains will directly fund planetary restoration projects.  The other 50% (half!) of net gains will directly fund community support and improvement projects.

How the “Alisha Bee Presents” online retail fundraising shop at Works.  Please support Alisha Bee’s mission to save and restore bees and the food supply chain!  When you purchase products and services through “Alisha Bee Presents“, all of the money that is made from your purchases will benefit planetary restoration projects and local and regional community support programs.  With your support, is going to help PSM to save and restore bees and the food supply chain.

Save Bees By Shopping Online.  If you regularly shop online, consider spending your money at “Alisha Bee Presents“.  Shop online like you do at any other online retailer.  But, unlike other online retailers, your money spent does not go towards executives and shareholders-only.  Instead, Alisha Bee gives all the money to projects that benefits communities and the planet Earth.  By combining our nations online purchasing power together, we have everything to gain!

Click here to read more about the projects that is currently working towards funding.

Click here to read all about my public relations work on behalf of Pollinator Support Movement (PSM).

Contact Alisha M. Forrester Scott at (978) 254-7428 is (978) ALISHA-8, or, E-Mail to:

Day Dream

Written by Alisha Bee

Not concerned about the future, nor concerned about the past.

Today, in a day dream fantasy, I designed an urban bee museum and research centers.  (Oh!  And now I want to add a learning and wellness center!)

These professional in/outdoor facilities owned by the community, would be run by local citizens that are vested and trained, and personally dedicated to sustaining healthy agricultural practices and promoting sustainable business.

Perhaps there would be a restaurant called “Honey Research and Development: Cafe”.

Alisha and the Restorative Retail (RR) economic plan would have an office and workshop studio.

Pollinator Support Movement‘s (forthcoming) “Bees Network News” (BNN) would have technical recording studios on-site.

Also on-site, a United Citizens Bee Bank (of sorts) could offer the local community banking, trade, and exchange services.

Alisha Bee © 2013 Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Alisha Bee (PSM), and Justin Booz (The Co-Op Operation community garden project) © 2013 Alisha Bee