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Bayer who owns Monsanto since 1954


The information below will help you to educate yourself, your children, and your neighbors on the bee-killing household poisons that are currently being sold to you as over-the-counter fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, “seedgrowth”, seeds products, and flea and tick medications for your pets.

Click here to review a list of Bayer’s bee-killing CropScience products, so that your household or farm can avoid purchasing them.

Click here to review a list of ALL Bayer products, so that you can avoid purchase opportunities, whenever possible.

+ Save Bees + Save Food +

Q: Why are bees dying and food costs rising?
A: Bees and many other creatures are dying because of factors that include mites (parasites), disease, Bayer/Monsanto’s farm and household insecticide chemicals called Neonicotinoids, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), loss of habitat, and climate change.

Q: Who is funding the Bayer and Monsanto?  
A: Everyday people are, by directly and indirectly purchasing their products and funding their operations.  A direct purchase would include yard enhancers like brands “Miracle-Gro” and “Roundup”, and flea and tick medications like brands “Advantage” and “Merit”.  Indirect purchases would include companies that use genetically engineered seed and food products that are directly tied to Bayer and Monsanto, such as:

Aurora Foods, Aunt Jemima, Banquet, Best Foods, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Cadbury, Campbells, Carnation, Capri-Sun, Chef Boyardee, Coca Cola, ConAgra, Delicious brand cookies, Duncan Hines, Famous Amos, Flowers Industries, Frito-Lay, General Mills, Green Giant, Nestle (Hershey’s), Healthy Choice, Heinz, Hellman’s, Holsum, Hormel, Hungry Jack, Hunts, Interstate Bakeries, Jiffy, KC Masterpiece, Keebler, Kelloggs, Kid Cuisine, Knorr, Kool-Aid, Kraft, Lean Cuisine, Lipton, Loma Linda, Marie Callenders, Minute Made, Morningstar, Ms. Butterworths, Nabisco, Nature Valley, Ocean Spray, Ore-Ida, Orville Redenbacher, Pasta-Roni, Peppridge Farms, Pepsi, Phillip Morris, Pillsbury, Pop Secret, Post Cereals, Power Bar (brand), Prego pasta sauce, Pringles, Procter and Gamble, Ragu sauce, Quaker, Rice-a-Roni, Schweppes, Smart Ones, Stouffers, Tombstone Pizza, Totinos, Uncle Ben’s, Unilever, V-8

Q: How is my household potentially contributing to the killing of bees?
A: Bayer/Monsanto received EPA approval to release Neonicotinoid chemicals that were not tested for safety. Now that the tests have come back, the fact is that these very same chemicals are responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder. Consider a household boycott on Bayer products.

Q: Which products should I avoid using and purchasing?
A: Bayer/Monsanto sells fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, “seedgrowth”, and seeds products to households and farms all over the planet.

Click here to review a list of bee-killing Bayer CropScience products, so that your household or farm can avoid purchasing them.

Click here to review a list of ALL Bayer products, so that you can boycott them by avoiding purchase opportunities in your community whenever possible.

Q: What else should I know about Neonicotinoid chemicals?
A: In addition to killing the bees that pollinate our fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices, these chemicals poison water aquifers for up to and over three years with just a single application in the fields where the foods are grown and lawns are green.

Q: Are there other related issues that I should know about?
A: Yes! In order to effectively boycott Bayer/Monsanto, people of Earth must demand that genetically modified foods (GMO‘s) are labeled.

Q: Why is GMO food labeling important?
A: If we demand this action, then we can avoid the purchase and consumption of foods that financially benefit Bayer/Monsanto. These companies are very wealthy, and have enough financial reserves to “outlast” a public boycott for some time. This boycott must be permanent, and Bayer/Monsanto must immediately reverse course or be put out of business.

Conversely, it is suggested that Bayer and Monsanto’s vast commercial interests be nationalized and re-configured, in order to BENEFIT ALL THE INHABITANTS AND CREATURES OF THE PLANET EARTH.

Educate yourself on the bee-killing poisons that are sold to you over-the-counter.

Click here to learn more about Bayer/Monsanto.

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