Stop Using Imidacloprid

Farm and flea chemicals: In your homes and on your pets

The following is information about Imidacloprid, a bees-killing Neonicotinoid. 

Neonicotinoid synthetic chemicals and their derivatives are so common, as to already be present in homes, offices, and places of worship. Imidacloprid, a Neonicotinoid, is the most widely used insecticide in the world.  Imidacloprid has many brands and formulations for a wide range of uses, including delousing and defleaing animals.

Major uses of Imidacloprid include:

Brand names:

  • Admire
  • Advantage (a.k.a. Advocate)
  • Gaucho
  • Mallet
  • Merit
  • Nuprid
  • Prothor
  • Turfthor
  • Confidor
  • Conguard
  • Hachikusan
  • Kohinor
  • Optrol
  • Premise
  • Prothor
  • Provado
  • Intercept
  • Winner
  • Xytect

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