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Post taken from Alisha’s Blog on July 26, 2013.

Uploading a new self-portrait for online promo (shown below), creating a new document presenting my professional experience, updating my LinkedIn profile, and a trip to the local library to get a library card; these are my accomplishments for today.


Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Yesterday, I relocated back to Arizona.  Since early April, I have been working in New Mexico on the BeeSWeek 2013 production for my non-profit, Pollinator Support Movement.  There are dozens of concerned citizens that have helped me along my journey.  Most recently, I would like to thank the talented architect that supported me during my stay.

With this move back “home”, I feel excited to begin reintegrating myself back into the many Phoenix communities that I appreciate.  Arts, entertainment, creative design, “free the bees” work, and the beautiful desert… YES!

It is amazing to me that a full year of Pollinator Support Movement work is already under my belt.  On a daily basis, my spirit encourages me to continue my bees work journey.  I am so encouraged by the progress thus far!

The challenge of “not having a regular paying job” to fund my community-beneficial venture has become a major roadblock.  Both the quality of my personal relationships and “free the bees” progress have been slowed.

I have truly enjoyed the freedom of working on my art, music, and community bees work anytime I want.  And, I fully realize that I also truly enjoy producing the financial stability that encourages my creative projects to occur in bigger and more glorious bursts.

My next steps: secure freelance, full, or part-time creative and event design work.


Very Seedy

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Originally posted at Alisha’s Blog on 7/17/2013.

This afternoon, I noticed that the drought-tolerant red yucca plant (Hesperaloe parviflora) – with its long blue-green leaves and rose-pink flowers that attract hummingbirds  – was filled with green pods.  The pods were about an inch wide by an inch and a half long.  Some of the pods were bright green, and others were showing brown with summer sun and age.  Were these pods filled with budding flowers?  Or, were they seed pods?

I know nothing about the red yucca plant.  (And, the interwebs was not nearby.)  So, there was really only one way to find out: I gently twisted a more-browned pod off of its stem, and had to use firm pressure to crack it along its seams.  Inside, there were two rows of brilliant black-colored seeds in half-moon shapes.  The seeds smelled awesome, and felt dry and smooth to the touch.

Since learning more about red yucca online, I now know that the lovely flowers bloom in mid-summer.  The more I enjoy them, the more the seeds are daring me to plant them.  I like knowing that these matte black beauties are capable of such rose-pink and green fanfare.

Black seeds from a nearby red yucca plant © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Black seeds from a nearby red yucca plant © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Meet Ziaa “Bee”

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott

Meet Ziaa “Bee”.  In 2011, when I moved to Oakland, California, I was very fortunate to meet Ziaa.  She is multi-talented with an incredible life story, and was my neighbor and confidant.  Ziaa was a daily source of support as I worked on my public awareness “Bee Friendly Weekly Wednesday Peaceful Protests” in Berkeley.  She shares my interest in promoting public bees awareness, and helped me to create the “Do You Like Food? No Bees, No Food!” propaganda for Pollinator Support Movement’s official October 2012 launch.

Recently, Ziaa sent me an image of her wearing a bee costume that she found in her community’s “Free Zone”.

Ziaa shares:

“The Free Zone is out side our door now, so I keep it up and I am first to get/ see the goodies!!!!  Well the Bee outfit was just there and our new room mate told me to put it on and she’d take a pic.”

Thank You, Ziaa, for your support and for sending over the great image.

Do you have an image that you’d like to share and see posted at Pollinator Support Movement?  If so, E-Mail to!

Ziaa Bee in Oakland CA

Ziaa “Bee” in Oakland CA

News: “BeeSWeek: Bee Friendly” DVD updates

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott


  1. Editing for the “Bee Friendly” educational DVD continues, and transcription of the BeeSWeek 2013 panel discussions is nearly complete.
  2. With professional assistance from the nice guys at H/H Productions, a local Albuquerque film and media production company, progress towards the release of the upcoming “Bee Friendly” educational DVD continues.  In addition to filming and editing the BeeSWeek 2013 footage, H/H Productions has agreed to help Pollinator Support Movement (PSM) to produce the ever-important “pitch video” for the forthcoming Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.  The online fundraising campaign will feature the educational DVD for pre-sale, to help to fund the production of the BeeSWeek project.
BeeSWeek 2013 transcript  © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

BeeSWeek 2013 transcript © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Milestone: 5,000 Visitors

Written by Alisha the Explorer, founder of Pollinator Support Movement

Milestone: 5,000 Visitors

Thank You to the 5,000+ Visitors of the Pollinator Support Movement blog website!  With this new milestone now achieved, I am so excited to be reaching more and more concerned global citizens each day.

Bee Smarter

If you want to know more about bees, and what you and your neighbors should know about their global population decrease, stay tuned for PSM’s upcoming Indiegogo crowd-funding (fundraising) campaign.  A brand new and innovative educational DVD will be offered for sale, paired with other goodies called “perks”.

Administrative and marketing tasks are almost complete, and so this fundraising campaign will begin very soon.

About the Fundraising Campaign

The “BeeSWeek 2013: Scientific and Community Panel Forums” educational DVD film production has wrapped. Held at the University of New Mexico, the BeeSWeek production made the front page news of the Albuquerque Journal on its opening day, and was featured on a local television morning show called “The Morning Brew”. Raw film production footage from the BeeSWeek panel discussions is currently in editing.

In the next several weeks, once the DVD project is fully edited and pressed (duplicated), it will be sold online and at local public events as a fundraising product for the sustainable and humanitarian-based projects that are designed and produced by members of Pollinator Support Movement collective. Funds generated by the sale of the BeeSWeek educational DVD will be split “50/50 net” between habitat restoration and research and development projects, and community food and educational projects.


To contact PSM for any reason, call (415) 484-BEE4, or, E-Mail to

Pollinator Support Movement © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott

Pollinator Support Movement © 2013 Alisha Forrester Scott