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The following media mentions and links are from 2013 and 2012, and are directly related to the professional network and productions of Pollinator Support Movement.  Each of these media moments are considered a very big win for our grass roots global collective.  If you have general questions, please contact Alisha Forrester Scott by E-Mailing to Pollinator Support Movement Citizen Services at:

Most Recently

Wedn Nov 27, 2013 on Raw Living Radio: Featuring Laura Fox, “Sweet Mama” April Ree, and Alisha “Bee”

2013 Media Mentions and Events

  1. On Monday, June 3, 2013, an article published by the ABQ Journal, written by Julia Noel, was printed and published online. Click here to read the article, entitled: “Bees’ decline is topic of public forum at UNM”.
  2. For April, May, and June 2012, PSM founder, Alisha M. Forrester Scott, relocated to Albuquerque, NM, to co-produce “BeeS Week” with Dave Hunter of Crown Bees, for the June 3-9, 2013, Albuquerque Film & Media Experience.
  3. On Memorial Day 2013, Alisha M. Forrester Scott appeared on “The Morning Brew” television program, accompanied by the Honey bees of Albuquerque’s, Tomas Urrea.  Click here to see Part 1 of 2.  Click here to see Part 2 of 2.
  4. On March 30, 2013, PSM founder, Alisha M. Forrester Scott, participated as a panel member during a free global online event, called BeeAction, produced by Crown Bees.  Click here to see a video of the discussion.
  5. On December 1, 2012, thanks to the folks behind Grow Food, Not Lawns, the PSM “Ban Neonicotinoids” sticker design went viral, adding several hundred “Likes” to PSM’s Facebook page overnight.  The “Dead Bees Logo” which represented the official launch campaign “Do You Like Food? No Bees, No Food!” was designed by illustrator, Forest Stearns.
  6. In early 2013, PSM was invited to design and produce “BeeS Week” during Albuquerque Film & Media Experience, June 3-9, 2013, in New Mexico.  PSM, with Crown Bees, is developing an event schedule that compliments the “impactful” nature of the film festival and the planet-conscious community of Albuquerque.  Said Lainie S. Quirk and Ivan Wiener, Co-Founders and Executive Producers of the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME), “As a rapid decline in global bee populations continues, we are honored to support the Pollinator Support Movement in sharing education messages and community action opportunities.  It is incredibly important to bring this information to a more global stage through AFME, and we are proud to be highlighting education about bees and “Colony Collapse Disorder” through the screenings of Vanishing of the Bees, Bee Movie, and all the ancillary programming that is scheduled throughout the exciting week of conscious events for Albuquerque.”

2012 Media Mentions and Events

PSM officially launched on October 5-7, 2012, on-site at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  Leading up to launch, PSM received some great publicity:

  1. During 11 consecutive weeks of community education and outreach in Berkeley, CA.  “Weekly Wednesday Peaceful Protests” gave Alisha and Don an opportunity to connect with citizens at varying levels of understanding on the issue of declining bee populations.  Observation:  Most citizens in Berkeley, CA, did not know that bees pollinated food (fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices).
  2. On September 28, 2012, during a pre-election press conference, Alisha and Don received public comment from Peace & Freedom Party Presidential Candidate and macadamia nut farmer, Roseanne Barr, at an Oaksterdam University event.
  3. On September 17, 2012, LinkTV’s “Nature Focus” invited PSM to be a part of “Killing Bees: Are Government and Industry Responsible?


Media Affiliations

Tina Quizon’s Pathways to Paradise, Hawaii

Published on April 21, 2013, on Pathways to Paradise: “Preview Bees Week” – Ep 79

Episode synopsis:  “Preview Bees Week” the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience (AFME) that will take place on Route 66 from June 3 to June 9 in New Mexico.  Also included in this episode is “Island Inspiration with Reynolds Kamakawiwoole & songs by Cleo Aumave”.

The Carroll Cox Show, Hawaii

Website synopsis:  April 21, 2013, via The Carroll Cox Show (Hawaii): “Bees in Hawaii”

Radio show synopsis:  “Carroll’s guests, Howard McGinnis and Kim Falinski, are back to talk about the plight of bees (Howard was last on our show 3/20/11). In 2007 bees were decimated by mites. Then, in 2010, small-hive beetles arrived, causing even more damage. Mites can be treated, but beetles are much harder to get rid of and will destroy the physical hive. If the colony is large and strong, the bees can often defend themselves, but without good bee crops it is hard to maintain a strong hive. Listen to this great discussion about bees.

“If you see a swarm of bees, or a wild colony, contact Howard at 258-7296. They are always happy to gather up a swarm and start a new colony. Check out their website at to learn more and purchase bee products. They are also at the farmers’ markets so you can taste their great honey.”

Terra Verde, California

“Bee Stewards” was published on April 19, 2013, on Terra Verde radio show on 94.1 FM (KPFA).

Radio show synopsis:  Terra Verde radio show hostess, Laura Garzon, as she talks with pollinator-friendly panelists: BeeGAP creator Dave Hunter of Crown Bees, Bill Tomaszewski of Marin Bee Company, and Gretchen LeBuhn of The Great Sunflower Project.

Tina Quizon’s Pathways to Paradise, Hawaii

Published on March 30, 2012, on Pathways to Paradise: “Honey Bees in Paradise” Ep – 121

Episode synopsis:  Understanding the vital role our Hawaiian Honey Bees play in the sustainability & food security. Bees are necessary to the pollination of food plant & flowers. Ensuring the preservation of our bees can guarantee the food chain to keep Hawaii independent and able to feed our large population of people on the Islands. We talk to Howard McGinnis a Bee expert who works with the University of Hawaii and farmers to bring education to others to save our dwindling population of bees.


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